Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween, everyone! Linking up with Biana for a little weekend recap!

Friday was Eric's birthday, but he had to work until about 7:30 that night. I was able to drop off a milkshake to him really quickly while he was on a break. Other than that, our day was a pretty standard Friday. 

Just playing trains with no pants and a blanket on his head. 

We went to dinner with my parents, where Wells finally ate mashed potatoes. He has never liked them (is he even my child??), but I snuck him a bite without telling him what they were and he was a fan! I thought I had fooled him, but then when I was telling my mom that we shouldn't tell him what they were, Wells overheard and informed me that they were "tatoes." #hesnodummy

We got home and waited for Daddy. Wells helped him blow out the candle on his birthday brownies, and we gave him his present and homemade card. This is literally the best picture I could get - Wells being generally crazy, and Eric trying to read the card quickly before Grayer could grab and eat it. Ha! #reallife

 We went to bed way too late, but we had fun celebrating our birthday boy :)

Saturday was a crazy day. We had a cousin's 1st birthday party around lunchtime; I still had to make Grayer's costume; and we had trunk or treat at church that night. Let the record show that whenever I have anything important that I have to get done (like make a costume from scratch!), the boys somehow sense it and do not sync their naps or decide to boycott naps that day altogether. This day was a perfect example. So, Grayer's costume barely got done, and I barely kept my sanity. We did have a great time at the trunk or treat, and I was a chili cook-off judge. Yum! I won first place in the competition last year, but with Eric working weekends and with all the craziness going on with two littles, I decided not to enter this year. I am proud of myself for realizing that because I have a tendency to think I can do it all. Learning to say "no" is something I am working on :)

On to the boys' costumes! My original costume plan for the boys did not come to fruition because it is still ridiculously HOT in Savannah right now. Like 15 degrees hotter than the normally warm temps this time of year. So, I decided late last week that we would scratch it and come up with new costumes. 

Wells was an engineer riding Thomas the Tank Engine. My mom made him a Thomas train out of a diaper box. I love that woman. Wells LOVED the train and was so excited to wear it.  

And Grayer was a bowl of spaghetti :) He was not real excited about his hat at all and only kept it on about 5 minutes. But we managed to at least get a couple of pictures of him, even if they aren't very good. Ha!

Sunday we went to church as usual. We had another 1st birthday party for another cousin that afternoon (I have a big family...obvs). Wells was DYING at having to watch the birthday boy eat his own smash cake. He wanted a piece so bad. Ha! He finally got his own piece, and all was right with the world again. Later that afternoon we went to a local country carnival for about an hour...and I do mean "country." As you can see, there was a game that involved throwing a rubber chicken into someone's pants :)

Eric got home as the boys were finishing supper, and we had a lowkey rest of the night. We watched The Walking Dead and passed out, totally exhausted from a long and busy weekend. 

We are excited for trick or treating tonight! Hope everyone has a great Halloween!


  1. The bowl of spaghetti is such a cute costume idea! Thomas the Train is great too, we usually get one of those at our door on Halloween!

  2. Thanks! I loved how it turned out - even if he only wore the hat for 5 minutes! :)

  3. Love those costumes and that you (and your mom) made them. I hear ya on the heat! I can't believe how warm it is here. I'm hoping November brings some cooler weather with it.

    1. Me too! I just want to wear a scarf! :)

  4. Sounds like such a fun (and busy) weekend!! Love the boys costumes - so creative!!


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