Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wells is EIGHT Months!

How can it even be possible that another month has gone by?

Weighs: We had to go to the Dr. last week, and he weighed 19lbs and 10oz. He has been in the 19lb range for about 1.5 months or so now - he is not gaining at the rapid pace he used to! Still, we always get comments on what a big boy we have when we go out.

Sleeps: Wells has continued to do great in his crib. He had been waking up two times a night to eat. Since I am once again posting this monthly update a few days late, I can report that this past week, he only woke up ONCE throughout the night. And man, am I loving it! Because he has been so stuffy this month (he had RSV at the beginning of the month with a double ear infection, and just last week was diagnosed with another double ear infection!), he now sleeps with a cool mist humidifier in his room. Maybe that is why he is sleeping so well at night...I have been scared to let him sleep without it for fear that I will break the awesome sleeping streak!

Eats: I can't imagine a day ever coming with this guy won't be in love with eating. He still eats at least two "meals" a day (breakfast and dinner), but many times he will also eat lunch (a smaller portion than breakfast and dinner, though). This month he has officially tried seafood. As has been the case with literally every food we have ever fed him, he approved. No surprise there. The little man has given a thumb's up to shrimp, salmon, and tuna.

Wears: While he can still squeeze into some 6-month clothes like onesies, the pants are highwaters. He rocks the 9-month and 12-month clothes for the most part. He is still in a size 3 diaper.

Plays: Gosh, he seriously gets more fun every month. He does great at sitting and playing with his toys. He is a crazy man in his walker and goes all over the kitchen and dining room when we put him in it. It is really fun to watch him examine and explore his toys now, figuring out what they do and how they work. This boy still shows no real interest in crawling but he scoots himself to get to what he wants. But not in a way that you can watch him scoot from one spot to another right's a slow scoot that happens over time. As in, over a space of a few minutes he is suddenly a few feet away from where he was, but you could never pinpoint a time when he scooted. It's cute though :) He lunges forward sometimes and will end up on his tummy, but then quickly lets you know that he is not happy being on his belly. He is trying to pull up on things, and I think he will have the hang of that in the next couple of days.

Milestones: Wells cut his second tooth this month! He is a good teething baby so far (knock on all the wood). He may be slightly fussy before one comes in, but nothing crazy or really even noteworthy. Even though he did it for a while around 3 months (as a fluke, apparently), I am considering him waking only once at night to be a milestone. I've gotta say how good I feel after a night's sleep now. I can't even imagine what it will be like on that first glorious night of not waking at all till through the night. Hallelujah choruses will be heard. And are you ready for this last milestone? His FIRST WORD!!!! Now, he has been babbling for a while, and you can occasionally hear "ma" or "da" (let the record show that "ma" was first :)). But he has now said his first word that he understands the meaning of and when to use it. So, what was the word? Drumroll please....."uh oh." I have been saying this to him for months now whenever he drops a toy. He now says it (not every time) when he drops a toy. I love it!

And there you have it. The eight month update. Blink, and the nine month update will be here. Crazy.