Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wells is TWO months!

Surely my little sprout is not 2 months old already...somebody please slow time down a little bit! Please enjoy the pictures of this chunky monkey below and see what Wells has been up to in his second month.

At the end of our second month, Wells...
Weighs: 12lb 6oz as of about two weeks ago. He has his 2nd month appointment next week, so we will find out what his weight is now. I'm sure he's gained some poundage. He's just big-boned, okay?! Just kidding, I love him more and more with each new fat roll :)
Sleeps: Wells is still sleeping well at night. Since Eric and I have gone back to work (Booooo....), we have started laying him down about an hour/hour and a half (depending on the night) down earlier than we were this summer. So, that puts him going to sleep somewhere in the 9pm hour - sometimes 9:00, sometimes more like 9:45. He still nurses to sleep. He tends to sleep pretty hard for those first few hours, waking around 1ish - it usually just takes popping the paci back in or a dose of Gripe Water if he is gassy to get him back to sleep. Then he is up around 2ish ready to eat. Back to sleep after that. He doesn't sleep quite as hard for the next few hours, waking a few times wanting his paci or with gas pains- have I mentioned that I have the gassiest baby ever??. He wakes up somewhere in the 5am hour to eat, and then goes back to sleep until I wake him up around 6:30 for a very quick feed before we leave for work (just to top him off so he will hold off on eating his first bottle of the day with my mom for a little longer). Sometimes I get up after his 5am-ish feed to get ready for work and sometimes I will sleep for a few minutes longer - just depends on the day!
Eats: Oh. My. Word. What a little piggy. Since going back to work and starting Wells on bottles of breast milk, we now know that he eats about 5oz every 3 hours. My mom is able to hold him off for the full 3 hours while she is watching him during the day. However, whenever I am with him, he prefers to graze, eating every 2 hours (or less sometimes!). I am pumping at least twice a day while at work (and once or twice while at home) to keep up with him and just recently starting taking Fenugreek capsules to increase my supply.
Wears: Rocking the 3-month clothes. He can squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze into some 0-3 month clothes, but for the most part, those are about to get packed away. We are still using disposable diapers until we run out of the ones we were blessed with at our showers and will then attempt to switch to cloth. But Wells just went up from a size 1 diaper to a size 2.
Plays: This was a good month for playing! Wells had his first REAL smile a few weeks back. It happened while I was changing his diaper at like 4 in the morning - not the most glamorous of circumstances but it was the best thing ever! He gives us lots of smiles now, and it is my very favorite! I can't wait for that first laiugh. He will lay under his play mat for a little while looking up at the toys and mirror before he loses interest. Just the other day, I started shaking his little stuffed giraffe rattle in front of him, and he found it quite entertaining; so of course I have been continuing to do that. I read books to him; although he isn't all that interested yet. But that won't stop me :) I sing to him a lot (Lullabies, Sunday School songs, old-school Barney songs from my childhood - don't hate), and I also like to play his Baby Einstein CD and the Baby Einstein Pandora station for him. He LOVES to be outside (gets it from his daddy...obviously) and going on walks in his stroller in the evening - we do evening walks several times a week. And he really enjoys bath time now, too. He's not playing or splashing or anything, but he is so relaxed and happy-looking while we bathe him. In fact, if he is fussy at night, I will plop that kid in his tub whether he needs a bath or not :) because it is so calming for him.

Gosh, this little kiddo has done a lot of growing (physically and mentally) this month. While part of me misses the small newborn that we brought home only a short two months ago, I am so loving every new stage Wells enters into. Watching my little fella grow and develop and continue to be happy and healthy is the best gift ever. It just does not get any better than parenthood.