Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big News :)

It has been probably 3 weeks since I have blogged! I had gotten into a great routine there, and then BAM! The month of June hit me like a ton of bricks. We had Wells' first birthday & a huge fiesta-themed party for him.

Then I had a HUGE work project that I wasn't planning on having to handle this summer. So, that really induced a lot of stress and took a lot of my free time. Luckily it is pretty much wrapped up now.

And then we went on a little vacation to see some of Eric's family in NC and then on the way home, we stopped in Columbia, SC, to stay a couple of nights and do some fun stuff with just the 3 of us. We went to the SC Museum, Edventure (kids' museum), and the zoo! We had so much fun, and Wells did too! More pictures and a post to come on our little vacay soon (fingers crossed), but here are some zoo pics.

And lastly, the month of June (and really all of July so far) was killer because I am so stinking tired...due to the fact that I AM PREGNANT WITH BABY #2!!!!

What????? Yes, it's true, I am 10 weeks along with the second Hankin baby. We are stoked, but y'all. I. Am. Pooped. I remember being tired when pregnant with Wells, but that was nothing! Being pregnant while also keeping up with a 12 month old all day is no joke. All I want to do is lay down whenever I get a free second. But I am really hoping to get back in the blogging swing of things (if I can keep my eyes open!).

I will leave you with our pregnancy announcement that we posted last week :) We are big soccer fans, and Eric played college ball. So, a soccer-themed announcement seemed appropriate (funny side note - Wells was born during the World Cup last year, and baby #2's announcement was made during the women's World Cup this year).