Monday, March 23, 2015

Wells is NINE Months!

I am well over a week late on this post since I could not find my camera charger to take pictures. Obviously, the charger was found, and the pictures were taken. You know, the pictures of my NINE MONTH and 10 days old baby!

Weighs: In this month alone, we were weighed twice at the doctor's office...because we have our 3rd double ear infection in 3 months! What the heck? The doctor said that this should be the last hoorah since Spring is coming. Fingers crossed, because this is getting insane. Anyway, at the doctor's appointment for the ears, Wells weighed 21 lbs (plus some oz that I can't remember :)). And at his 9-month well-check appointment, he dipped to right under 21 lbs...probably due to his loss of appetite from being sick.

Sleeps: Well, well, well. We were doing awesome with only waking once a night. And then ear infection #3 came along (plus what I am pretty sure was a growth spurt). We are hovering between one and two wake-ups a night. He has slept through the night exactly 3 times. And it. was. awesome. If we could make this an every night kinda thing, I'd be so appreciative (I'm talking to you, my sweet little child).

Eats: Everything :) Wells is eating three meals a day (and many days, an afternoon snack). He has recently started doing the cutest thing ever - whenever he sees you eating/drinking or sees that you are getting his food/drink ready, he starts to smack his lips. He wants you to know that he is ready to grub! We tried the sippy cup thing a while back, but he was not crazy about the nipple on it. I kind of forgot about it and reintroduced it to him recently, and he is doing great with it. He still loves to drink from a regular cup, too.

Wears: He can still squeeze into some 6-month onesies. He mostly wears 9-month and 12-month clothes. He is still in a size 3 diaper.

Plays: Loves to bang on his xylophone (or anything else). We might have a future drummer on our hands :) He still does great sitting and playing with his toys. Loves cruising around the kitchen & dining room in his walker. And as far as crawling - he STILL shows no real interest in it. He scoots himself to get to what he wants and apparently is completely content to just do that. When we went to our 9-month check-up, the doctor said that the way he stood when she examined him that he will probably be walking in the next month or two. This pretty much confirms what I have been thinking for a while - boy just wants to walk! He is always trying to pull up on things. He still loves being outside - we walk around the neighborhood on most afternoons/evenings. And bath time is still a favorite of his, but lately he is more interested in pulling up on the side of the tub to stand instead of playing with his bath toys.

Milestones: We have our SECOND WORD! A very unconventional second word :) "Moo" ...yes, as in the sound a cow makes. He has a stuffed cow that I hold up while I "moo" at him. Whenever I hold it up and "moo" now, he always repeats after me and "moos" over and over again. And on at least one occasion, I put the cow in front of him and he "moo"ed without me saying it first. We have heard "ma" and "da" on occasion but only from him babbling (and he LOVES to babble). So, yeah, his first real words that he understands how to use were not for his beloved parents who gave him the gift of life...nope, "uh oh" and "moo." Go figure.

Wells is seriously the light of our lives. These past nine months have been so awesome. We love that guy more than life itself and can't even remember what life was like without him...seriously, what did we do? :)