Monday, October 24, 2016


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On Friday, the boys and I left with my parents to head to Atlanta for my grandpa's 80th birthday. The trip up was pretty good - I held them off on their naps, so they slept a little on the way :) #parentingwin
We got to their house around 10pm, and the boys played for a while. We went to bed really late but had a good time catching up. 

Brother bonding in their Halloween jams :)

Saturday morning came way too quick. We spent pretty much the whole day at my grandparents' house, and the boys got to play with some of their cousins that they don't see very often. The highlight of Wells' day was most definitely the birthday cake :) He kept going in the kitchen to look at it - it was killing him to have to wait until the party to eat it! Ha! My sister and I made a quick run to Home Goods and Starbucks later that evening, and then I edited her college scholarship essay that she had to submit that night. I can't believe she will be in college (at my alma mater!!) next year! #thisiswhatoldfeelslike

On Sunday, we got up and started cleaning and packing to head back home. On the way out, we stopped by some more family's house. Then we piled in the car and were home by 7:30pm, right around the time Eric was getting off of work. The boys and I were so excited to see him. The kiddos were nowhere close to being sleepy since they had taken late naps on the road, but we had to make sure they were occupied and quiet (ha!) during The Walking Dead premiere. I am still shocked that Eric got me into this show last year - we binge watched like it was our job - because it is so not my kind of thing. But after a couple of episodes, I was hooked. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen last night's episode, but WOW. That is all.


We are praying that we close on the new house THIS FRIDAY! In addition to that, we already have a pretty busy week ahead - Wells' school Halloween party, Eric's birthday, pumpkin carving with my family, DIYing costumes, and getting ready for trunk or treat/chili cook-off this weekend. I am tired just thinking about it all! 

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. It sounds like you had a super busy weekend! It always seems like we stay up way later than we should when visiting family, but it's always worth it! And yes to TWD! I can't believe that episode! This season might be the most intense ever!

    1. This season will definitely be a nail-biter! :)


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