Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Happenings

Happy Thursday!

Well, things have been a little bit off this week, with Hurricane Matthew brewing way too close to home. More on that later!

Yesterday morning we went to our first Story Time at our local library.

 Wells enjoyed himself, but by the end, he was pretty much over it and ready to go to the playground outside. Grayer's face suggests that he did not have a good time, but I promise he did :)

Grayer and I went for a little walk later while Eric stayed home with a napping Wells.

We wrapped up the night at church, where we all talked about our plans during Hurricane Matthew - whether to evacuate or not.

We live right outside of Savannah, only about 45 minutes from Tybee Beach and about an hour from Hilton Head Beach. There have been mandatory evacuations for the coastal areas, with only voluntary evacuations for our county. We live only about a mile away from the next county to the west, so we are in the furthest area in our county from the coast.

Hurricane Matthew is supposed to hit us overnight Friday and into Saturday morning as a Cat 2 storm. We were not sure whether we would evacuate to Atlanta to my grandparents's house, but after thinking it through, our plan is to go to some of our family's house a county over - more inland. My parents are planning to do this, too. So, it will be a little hurricane party. The kids will all have a blast playing together, and we will be a little safer than staying home. The weather will still be BAD out there, but I don't think it will be necessary for us to evacuate. Obviously, if anything changes, we will reassess the situation. Our kids' safety is most important, and I would never put them in harm's way.

On the schedule today is making sure we've got all the necessary emergency items in case we lose power. Please pray for all those in the path of the storm...especially the poor country of Haiti. My heart breaks for them. Depending on the weather, etc. here tomorrow, I may or may not have a blog post up. Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. Safe travels on your evacuation!! It's always scary when a hurricane comes and quite a pain to get uprooted, but enjoy the time with family!!

  2. Stay safe! I've never had to deal with a hurricane, but this one seems especially scary!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I've lived here all my life, and this is the first time I've actually felt like we are going to take a big hit.

  3. I was just watching the Weather Channel, and I remembered you were near Savannah, so I thought I'd check on you. We're in Texas, but my husband has spent a lot of time in Brunswick for work, so I've been in that area a few times, too.
    Praying for safe travels for you & your family and that Matthew fizzles out (I don't think that's a technical term).

  4. Stay safe! I'm in GA, too, but not on the coast, thank goodness! Prayers for you guys!


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