Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grayer is TWELVE Months!

Our baby is ONE! As in, not a baby but a toddler. Whaaaaat? This boy has kept us on our toes since day one, with colic until about 6 months (#allthecryingemojis) and now constantly being on the go and never still! Our curious, energetic, always-hungry, goofy Mama's boy is the perfect addition to our family :)

Weighs: At his 1-year doctor's appointment, our boy weighed in at 21lbs and 7oz. He is about 29 inches long.

Sleeps: We are making progress on the sleeping-through-the-night front! Praise the Lord!!! HE has gotten much better even in the last week or two about sleeping at night. And last night, I did not have to get up ONE TIME - and I am pretty sure that is the first time in his entire life that that has happened! He woke a couple of times but only for a few seconds and put himself back to sleep.

Eats: Grayer still has the biggest appetite of any baby I have ever seen! He wants to eat allllllll day. Literally. We officially stopped breastfeeding last month, so he is on whole milk (sometimes almond milk because he likes the taste better it seems).

Wears: He is wearing 12-month and 12-18 month clothes. He is finishing up a size 3 box of diapers right now, but we are now in a size 4 diaper. .

Plays: Grayer is getting better at entertaining himself, but he would much rather follow me around than play if given the choice :) He and Wells are getting much better at playing together with each passing day. Grayer would much rather play with non-toys than actual baby toys - TV remote, cell phones, dumping out the contents of my purse, perusing the pantry shelves, and basically anything else that he shouldn't be doing :) He is always on the go and is almost never content to sit for a long period of time. I don't think I have ever mentioned this, but he LOVES stuffed animals. For the last month or two, he does the cutest thing if you hand him one. He will rub it on his face and then will drop it on the floor and rub his face in it. He does this almost every time, and it is so sweet - almost like he is giving it a hug. He is still a huge fan of opening and closing cabinets, splashing in the bathtub, going outside, and doing anything Wells is doing. He likes to play ball and will always throw it if you hand him one.

Milestones: Grayer has gotten two new teeth in the last few days (so technically after his first birthday I guess - but I'm still documenting it!). He added "woof-woof" to his vocabulary but hasn't said it lately. He is also walking!...well, sort of. He has been taking one or two steps the last couple of weeks. And then at his birthday party, he took about 4 or 5 steps! Now he is putting it all into practice. He will randomly get up and walk a few steps and then start crawling. So, I think once he decides he wants to walk full-time, he will, but right now he is doing it on and off. This is totally random and probably not the right category, but I wanted to write it down so I can remember: Up until recently, we thought Grayer would inherit Eric's blue eyes. Wells' eyes were a dark blue for a little bit but pretty quickly changed to brown like mine. Grayer's eyes were a lighter blue than Wells' used to be, and we were really thinking they would stay blue. Sometimes they still look blueish (depending on the lighting or what he is wearing), but they are now more of a greenish brown. I don't know if they will turn totally brown or be quite as dark as mine and Wells' eyes...we'll see I guess!

Well, our "baby" isn't a baby anymore! He is getting bigger and learning more and more every single day. This year flew by and also crawled by. Sometimes it feels as if Grayer was just born and other days it feels like he's always been here :) We love our littlest big guy with all of our hearts. Happy first birthday, Grayer-Bear!