Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confessional Thursday

- I confessed a whole lot of crazy in this post for Andrea's How & Tell Tuesday: Quirks Edition.

- I confess that on Tuesday night, I raced home after our Home Group to watch the new episode of This Is Us. I mean I literally left Eric (we had driven separate) to socialize because I couldn't take the thought of having to wait a day to watch it online. #imayhaveaproblem

- I confess that I just posted Grayer's 8-month update yesterday...and he'll be 9 months next week. Oops :)

- I confess that the one shining moment of last night's debate in my opinion was definitely Melania's romper. Yes, girl.

- I confess that I am going to lose my ever-loving mind if Grayer does not stop waking up at night!!!! I kid you not, he woke up at least 5 times from 1am-8am last night. Mamas, if you have any advice, pleeeeeeease help me out. I lay him in his crib slightly awake for naps and when he goes to bed at night, so I know he can soothe himself to sleep. WHY won't he put himself back to sleep throughout the night?

-We had our first ER visit with Wells last night. I wanted to go to the last revival service at my parents' church. Both boys were in the nursery when I heard Wells screaming (through the closed sanctuary doors and down the hall. he has a good set of lungs.). He had been running and hit his head right along the eyebrow bone on a chair. It was wide enough of a split that we knew it wouldn't heal back up on its own. We made it to the urgent care, and they glued it up (sooo thankful we didn't have to get stitches). He was NOT happy, and it may have taken 4 of us to hold him down for the doctor to glue it shut. I confess that I truly can't believe we made it almost 2.5 years without an ER visit because that clumsy boy falls about 5 times a day!

As you can see, he was fine by the time we got home and clearly milked his injury for all it was worth - watching videos, eating snacks, and lounging in Daddy's recliner :)

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  1. I am going to have to watch this is us!!Chelsea @

  2. Oh my goodness. Poor little guy. So glad that they were able to glue it up. My girls are 21 months and still wake up at night. Or I should say one does. She wakes up one time to 6 times a night. It is rough. Send wine is all I can say. hahaha. I Love This is Us. This week's was soooo good. I still wonder what is going to happen to Jack?!

    1. At least I'm not alone! Ha! And I NEED to know what happens to Jack!!!


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