Saturday, February 17, 2018

Grayer: A 2-Year Snapshot

Our littlest guy (well, only for a few more months) turned TWO last month! He is growing up so stinking fast, and I want to make sure to take a little snapshot so I can remember all he's up to at this stage:

Also, let the record show that according to Grayer himself, he's actually THREE like his bubba :)

The Stats: We went to his well-check visit last week, and he weighed 27lbs and was 34 inches tall. He is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. He is currently wearing 24 month and 2T clothes and size 6.5/7 shoes. We are about to get potty training underway (#helpus), but he is currently still wearing a size 4 diaper.

Sleep: He takes one long nap each day (usually about 1.5-2 hours). At night, he usually goes down without a peep, and it is rare for him to wake up at all during the night. Grayer is our early riser. He doesn't wake up ridiculously early or anything, but he doesn't ever sleep in past 7:30ish. Even if we are out or it's the weekend and he goes to bed WAYYYY later than normal, his little internal alarm clock wakes him up right around the same time every morning. Just like Wells, he always sleeps with his muslin blanket at nap/bedtime.

Talking: For the longest time, Grayer was a man of few words. Let me just say, that is in no way true anymore! He is constantly talking! I would say his vocabulary is pretty advanced for his age - I'm guessing because he has an older brother who is always around (and who is also always talking! haha!). Here are some of my favorite things he says:

  • "I sited" - which means "I'm excited!" He says this for lots of things. The other day he said it when I told him we were going to Sam's Club. Crazy kid.
  • "Uh-Tuz" - which is "because." He answers any "why" question with this. Example: "Grayer, why are you up so early?" "Uh-tuz, I need to get up." :)  
  • "Sumpin sticks" -  which is "something stinks."  He got this from a silly video that he and Wells watch with Eric, and it is so funny to hear him say it.
  • "I tant" - "I can't" ...he says tgis all the time when you ask him to do something. Sometimes it means that he really can't, and sometimes it just means that he doesn't want to :)
  • "Luh you _____" - when he tells you he loves you, he always says your name at the end. #meltsmyheart
  • "Amen" - when it's his turn to say the blessing, it's mostly just the word "Amen." He likes to keep it short!
Brotherhood: He loves Wells to death. He is quite the little copy cat - always wanting to do/say whatever it is Wells is doing or saying. They love playing together and are very bored on the rare occasions they aren't together, but they also know how to push each other's buttons! Grayer has no clue what is coming up in June when he will be getting another brother! I think he will adjust well, but I also think he is going to make it seem like he is growing up SO FAST! 

The Smarts: Grayer knows all his colors and lots of shapes. He likes to sing his ABCs. He also likes to count - he can count to 10 but sometimes needs a little help. He is a smart little fella, and like I said above, his vocabulary is ridiculous.   

Playing: This kid used to be awful at entertaining himself. He was our most high-maintenance baby for sure, always needing attention or to be held. Now, though, he is awesome at entertaining himself. He loves playing trains (he's obsessed just like Wells), cars, sitting down with a book, etc. He is much better at playing by himself than Wells is right now. But he does love playing with others, too. And my favorite thing is listening to him play pretend with his trains. I overhear him all the time having little conversations between them. It is just about the cutest thing in the entire world.

Those Eyes/That Hair: On his last snapshot (at 18 months), I said that it looked like Grayer's eyes were going to be hazel. For a long time, they were blue then gray then finally hazel. Well, his eyes have finally decided that they are going to be brown after all. They are not as dark as mine and Wells', but they're brown! I think they're finally done changing now. As for his hair, it's finally growing in more. He does still have a lot more in the back than up front, but we're getting there! It is very straight, not a curl in sight. And it is a dark blonde.

The Laughs: This boy keeps us laughing all day long. He has such a unique personality. Here's a classic example: During Christmas break in Fayetteville, we were eating out with Eric's family. He called across the table for Eric's sister, Crystal. Once she was looking at him, he looked right at her and licked all the ketchup off of his french fry. Once the whole table was laughing, he repeated the process by calling Eric to look at him. What a nerd.

Dancing: Grayer loves, and I mean LOVES, to dance. If there is a song on, there is a 100% chance he is dancing. In the car, he is always calling our names and then asking us to dance with him to whatever is on the radio. The other day, he was dancing to a video playing on the TV...he decided he wasn't putting on quite enough of a show apparently, so he went to the bathroom and dragged the step stool into the living room to get on top of that and dance. 

Mr. Courageous: Grayer is definitely our daredevil. He does not get scared super easily...unless you take him to the doctor or to get a haircut. He absolutely HATES going to the doctor. If you even mention the word, he cries. It always makes for a fun visit (#not). And he cries the ENTIRE time he gets a haircut, too.

The Paci: Grayer has always taken a paci. But he wasn't hugely attached to it, except for when he was upset or when it was time to sleep. So, I always thought weaning him from it would be easy. Well lately, he has become SUPER attached to it out of nowhere. So, I can see that we are going to need to start limiting it to nap/bed time, and then work our way to no paci at all. 

Favorite Things Right Now:
Toys/Activities: TRAINS. He plays trains for most of the day. He also likes to be outside, likes to race with Wells (either running or racing with cars/trains), and LOVES swinging on our playground.
TV Shows: He is all about Thomas and Friends. He will watch other things, too, but Thomas is his #1. He does really like Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, and Mother Goose Club.
Food: He loves sausage, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, toast, and pizza. He asks for toast almost every morning for breakfast. He just recently started eating carrot sticks with ranch (one of Wells' favorite snacks), and he is OBSESSED with chips of any kind. We are constantly having to stop him from raiding the pantry.
Songs: Twinkle Twinkle (my favorite to hear him sing), the Thomas & Friends theme song, the Doc Mcstuffins theme song, and Thunder by Imagine Dragons
Books: Right now he really likes his book of Thomas stories he got for Christmas. 

Coming Up:
A couple of nights ago, we took down Grayer's front rail to transition his crib into a toddler bed. We want to get him transitioned into sleeping in a bed so that when we move him into Wells' room in a couple of months, he'll already be used to it. So far, he's doing great with it. He never tried to get up until nap time today, but once we went in and made him lay back down twice, he fell asleep. Fingers crossed that it continues to go as smoothly as it has.  

Potty training is our next project :) He just got some training underwear (Thomas the Train of course), and all we've got to do is get the little potty out of storage. This is another thing we want to get out of the way before the new little guy gets here.

Hard to believe this little fella is 2 already. He is such a joy to us all and keeps things fun and exciting each and every day! We love you so much, Grayer-Bear!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wells: A 3.5-Year Snapshot

Our big boy is THREE AND A HALF YEARS OLD! And acts every bit of that and more ;) As always, I wanted to document all about this age and what Wells is up to these days.

The Stats: Wells is still big for his age. I measured him the other day at 40 inches tall. I don't know his exact weight, but the last time we went to the doctor, he had hit the 40lb mark. So it is probably right around there. He is solid! :) He is wearing 3T and 4T
shirts, and the same with pants. Some 3T clothes are getting short/snug, but some are still okay. I am officially buying everything in the 4T size, though. He is in a size 10/10.5 shoe.

Talking: So. Much. Talking. If he's awake, he's talking. And sometimes, even in his sleep! (#seriously) His vocabulary is ridiculously large. Even though he can talk with the best of them, he is still only 3 and therefore does still mispronounce some words:
- "Food-gerator" (refrigerator)...which really makes sense if you think about it!
- "Crack stick" is what he calls chapstick. You know, because it keeps your lips from getting cracked.
- "Kee-Buzz" which is "because." He's been doing this a while, and sometimes he does say it correctly. But it just cracks me up.
- He still says "resternot" instead of restaurant.

Toys/Activities: Still all about the trains. He has gotten Grayer addicted, too. These boys can spend ALL DAY at their train table. They both love being outside, too, and playing on their playground they got for Christmas.
TV Shows: Thomas and Friends, Daniel Tiger, and Bubble Guppies. He and Grayer did have a major Blue's Clues obsession for a while after we got some old DVDs from the library.
Color: He is very vocal about his favorite color being red.
Food: I don't think pizza will ever not be his favorite food! But he also still loves fruit (especially berries of any kind), carrot sticks with ranch dressing, grilled cheese sandwiches, and my Granny's creamed corn, which he literally shovels into his mouth. 
Songs: He LOVES the song "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons. And over the Christmas season, there was a house in a nearby neighborhood that had lights synced to a radio station. Two of the songs they would play on repeat were "Christmas Vacation" and a holiday version of "I'm Sexy and I Know It" (don't worry, it literally had nothing to do with the original lyrics - just the same tune). He and Grayer still sing both of those songs around the house. It always makes us laugh.
Books: He still loves his train books. He especially likes a new giant book of Thomas stories that Grayer got for Christmas.

School: Wells is still doing PreK-3 two mornings a week. He is learning a lot and seems to be enjoying it. His teacher told me a few months ago that Wells is quite the talker (like we didn't know that, Mrs. Leanna! Ha!). His school's Christmas program last month was so cute! And he still sometimes sings "Thank you God for Baby Jesus!.." around the house. 

Brotherhood: Wells really is a good big brother to Grayer most of the time. But goodness, can they fight like cats and dogs at times! Mostly over who has which train and whose train is in the way on the tracks. Always train-related! :) They are best friends but also worst enemies at times! Wells is really excited about being a big brother to the new baby in a few months, too. He always asks about the baby and if it's time for him to get here yet. Thanks to my mom, he calls the baby "Bad Bad Leroy Brown." We may have hard time getting him to call him by his real name once he's here! 

Pajamas: This boy LOVES wearing pajamas. He would stay in them all day if he could (and if we are home all day, that's what he does). At nap time, he changes back into his pajamas from his regular clothes. He is a man of comfort. :) He has pajama day coming up at school this week, and it is basically going to be the best day of his life. He cannot wait!

The Quirks: Wells is definitely our cautious child. He takes a little bit of time to warm up to doing new things. He is our little scaredy-cat, too, and gets spooked very easily. Wells is VERY particular about certain things. Here is a classic Wells quirk example: Leading up to his school Christmas program, he would occasionally sing one of the songs they were learning ("Thank You God for Baby Jesus"). In the song, there are different barnyard animals that "sing" with their animal noises. I didn't totally grasp the whole thing, but he kept telling me in little snippets that he didn't like the cow or the donkey. But he told me that he did like the sheep. Well, fast forward to the day of the program. We are watching him sing his little heart out and do the motions for the song..right up until it got to the cow part. He would not do the moo-ing verse at all. He stood completely silent and motionless. Once that verse was over, he kept right on singing and doing the motions...until the donkey part. Same thing. I was dying. It was so funny and SO Wells. The boy is particular about certain things, and I know he gets that, along with his cautiousness and scaredy-ness from me. Bless him. :)

Sleeping: He still takes a good nap most days. Some days he is not tired and doesn't take a nap, but those are very few at this point. We try to get him into bed by 9pm on weeknights. He is our child that likes to sleep in. It is very rare for him to wake up before Grayer, who is our early riser. He occasionally will yell out in the middle of the night for one of us to come to his room. We go in there and calm him down (and maybe lay down with him until he falls back asleep), and if he is really scared or had a bad dream, we'll let him come to our bed. But we really try to keep that to a minimum.

The Smarts: This kid is so stinkin' smart. He can identify every letter (uppercase. we are going to start working on lowercase) and can write most of them. He can spell and write his name. He is always asking what letter of the alphabet a word starts with. He is so curious - always asking a question about something. He is nosy, too! If I am talking to Eric, and Wells didn't hear what I said, he asks what I said. Or if Grayer is getting in trouble, Wells has to know what for. I have told him "none of your business" so many times that he now says it, too - well, actually he says "It's ya business!!!"

Three-nager: Wells is definitely a three-nager, as they're called these days. :) He has all the attitude of a teenage girl some days. We are trying to nip the whining, complaining, and rage in the bud, but man is parenting a preschooler hard! He does have a sweet little heart, but he is still a three year old boy. And that can be rough! The sweetest thing, though, is that after he's gotten in trouble about something, every now and then he'll come to me a while later after it's all been over and say, "I'm sorry I (fill in the blank)." And that just melts my heart!

Devotions: We do devotions about once a week. Since Eric is a teacher, it's a whole production with a story, a video, a craft/hands-on learning activity, and song. Grayer is in bed when this is going on (because he is still a little distracting and would definitely not sit still for it all) but he will join us soon once he is just a little older. So for now, this is a sweet time for me, Eric, and Wells. Wells does really great listening and retaining the information. We use RightNow Media (which we are a member of through our church) for the videos and songs. It brings tears to our eyes to listen to him sing and do the motions for the songs. Wells is a HUGE fan of this one song and always asks us to play it - the chorus is about being a super big, super strong, super wonderful God! And he LOVES singing along. :)

This boy has been such a blessing to us, and we love him to pieces. He makes every day louder, funnier, and sweeter. I can't believe his next "snapshot" will be of a FOUR YEAR OLD! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Answering the What's Up Wednesday questions today!

What we're eating this week:
Am I the only one who feels like a crazy hot mess this week? It's the week before Christmas and there is SO MUCH TO DO. And "so much to do" did not include much meal planning for me. Monday, I did make some yummy chicken avocado burgers with roasted sweet potatoes. The burgers were really simple and delicious, so I'll definitely be making them again!

Last night was a total fend for yourself night (the boys had chicken nuggets and fruit, while Eric and I ate tortilla chips with salsa #insertmonkeycoveringeyesemoji! We have a party tonight and a family get-together tomorrow night, so dinner is covered! Woohoo! And then Friday, we leave for North Carolina.

What I'm reminiscing about:
I did a little December recap post yesterday and enjoyed looking back at our festive month (even if it did involve a long-lasting tummy bug!).

What I'm loving:
I am loving that the boys' big Christmas present is getting underway. Eric and some friends have been working on building a playground in the backyard, and I cannot wait for the boys to see it. They love being outside, so this is just the perfect present for them that will get used all.the.time. Here's a horrible quality phone pic I snapped through the kitchen window of the guys working last night. :)

What we've been up to:
Everything! This time of year is just so busy. I don't want the holidays to end, but I am so tired! :)

What I'm dreading:
Packing up all the Christmas decorations. The absolute worst.

What I'm working on:
Planning for Grayer's 2nd birthday (!) in January.

What I'm excited about:
Deciding on a theme for baby boy #3's nursery!

What I'm watching/reading:
I just finished reading Who Do You Love? Definitely recommend!

What I'm listening to:
I have been listening to a 90s playlist on Spotify that is SO GOOD. And I've also been loving listening to Wells sing the Christmas songs he knows (right now that includes Christmas Vacation, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and What a Special Night - which is a song his school performed at their Christmas program).

What I'm wearing:
Starting to get out the maternity wear and belly bands. I love being pregnant, but I hate the clothing rut it brings with it.

What I'm doing this weekend:
We are traveling to NC for Christmas with Eric's family.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Grayer's 2nd birthday, and baby's anatomy scan!

What's the best gift you've ever given a guy?
Maybe this will turn out to be the best gift...for Eric's birthday back in October, I got tickets for us to go see Jim Gaffigan. We love him, and the show is finally almost here. It's Dec. 30th in Jacksonville, FL, so we are looking forward to a great nighttime getaway while the boys stay with my parents! So excited to spend some time with this guy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday Talk

I am linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk! And since I've been MIA for a little while, how about we just do a random Here's-What-Happened-In-December post?

We kicked off our holiday season the weekend after Thanksgiving by attending the Lighted Boat Parade in downtown Savannah. My grandparents like to come down from Atlanta for this event, and we always enjoy going with them. The boys enjoyed getting to see Santa (and no one cried. #bonus), admire the gingerbread house displays and boat decorations, and watch the fireworks. It was a fun little start to the Christmas season!

Since we spent last Christmas in an apartment (between selling our old house and buying the new one), I was excited to get to really decorate for Christmas this year. Wells is loving our little Christmas village pieces (especially turning on the carousel); Grayer is enjoying sneakily removing ornaments and stuffing them inside the tree; and I am just enjoying the all the festiveness. My favorite decoration is obviously on display, and it makes me so happy to look at!

We decided to do Elf on the Shelf this year. We welcomed Dash McJingles into our home, and he has been busy with lots of shenanigans (when we remember to move him... #thestruggle). This is what happens when you think your husband is mature enough to handle elf responsibilities on his own one night...


Grayer and I got to go to Wells' school one morning to make a gingerbread house. I was going to go alone, but our babysitter fell through. But we made the best of it, and Grayer did okay (and ate way too many of the gingerbread house decorations!). 

And then the stomach bug hit our house! And it hit hard. Grayer got sick a couple of weeks ago, and then the rest of us got it a week later (at the same time). And it lasted a number of days. So glad it's over and that at least we got it out of the way before Christmas! 
Oh you know, just staying at home & digging up the yard in our pajamas so we didn't spread our tummy bug germs to the public.

And on a very exciting note...we found out this fall that we are expecting, and we found out last week that it is another BOY! That makes 3, count 'em, THREE boys (#helpusall)! I am due June 10th, just a few days before Wells' birthday. We are excited for Wells and Grayer to have another brother, and I am glad we finally announced it so I don't have to suck in my belly anymore! ;)   

We are gearing up for Christmas (which I cannot BELIEVE is only 6 days away!!!) in all kinds of ways! We rode the Christmas train at the mall this weekend, and Wells had his school Christmas program at school yesterday. Tonight we are decorating cookies; we've got a family Christmas party on Thursday; and then we're leaving for North Carolina on Friday. Eric has been busy building the kids' present in the backyard - a fabulous playground! We are so excited for them to get to play on it, and I know it is going to get years of use! Lots of busyness this time of year, but such a fun time, especially with littles!
Waiting to ride the Christmas train!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Joining MelSheaffer, and Shea for What's Up Wednesday!

It has been. a. minute. since I blogged (other than the boys' quarterly-ish update posts). Things have been caaaa-razy around here lately - since I last blogged, we finally moved into the new house. And we have been so busy doing projects, etc. that blogging was definitely placed on the back burner.

Also, if we're being honest, I wasn't in a great place for a while there, with a lot of stress and worry, and I kind of made the decision to take a break from blogging. I even stopped reading other blogs because my comparison game was strong, and not in a good way. It is so easy to think that everyone has it all together when you read blogs and feel like you are not good enough, don't have enough, aren't doing enough, etc. I needed to recharge and take a step back to focus on me and my family and not compare our lives to the lives of others. Anyway, I am now starting to get back into reading some of my favorite blogs and wanting to get back into posting regularly (let's be honest, probably semi-regularly), too. So, what better way to start than a What's Up Wednesday post?!

> What We're Eating This Week...
Monday night, we had friends over and I made Shea's BBQ Chicken Rice Bowls. I've made them a few times and always love them! So yummy! Tuesday night we ate at our small group. Tonight, it's going to be Eric's mom's Spanish Rice recipe, another favorite of ours. I'll probably do a crockpot roast with carrots and potatoes tomorrow night, and Friday, we are meeting my parents at Chick-Fil-A for dinner and so the boys can let out all their energy on the playground ;) BUUUTTTT, speaking of cooking, I saw this the other day. How true?!

> What I' Reminiscing About...
A few weeks ago we took my sister up to college for her freshman year.#ifeelsoold ...She is attending Toccoa Falls College like I did (and where Eric and I met). That of course has had me reminiscing about the good ole college days. College was such a fun experience and exactly what an introverted homebody like me needed! Loved it.

> What I'm Loving...
Our little trips to the library lately. Our boys both LOVE to be read to, and I am a big reader, too. I've been more intentional about taking them to the library to check out new books (and the occasional DVD ;)). A number of our local libraries have great kids' rooms for them to play and explore, so that's always a plus!

> What We've Been Up To...
Eric (a special education middle school teacher) started his school year about a month ago, and Wells began his 2-day PreK3 program a few weeks ago as well. It was sad to see summer go, but I do like having somewhat of a routine again. But, we have not been loving getting up early again. Boo. This is what the boys look like when they have to get up and going so much earlier...

> What I'm Dreading...
Hurricane Irma. We are all glue to the updates, trying to figure out what we need to do. If it's a direct impact, we will obviously be heading out of town, but if it veers some and isn't as dangerous as it's looking right now, we may just hunker down. Either way, not gonna be fun. #goawayirma

> What I'm Working On...
Since I last blogged, we have moved into the new house and have been slowly making it a home. I feel like we have always got some sort of project going on. Right now, I am re-purposing two retail display cabinets (that I snagged on Craigslist for $25!) into a media console. I can't wait to get it all done!

> What I'm Excited About...
Fall! I have always loved the coziness of fall and can't wait to decorate the house and get out all the seasonal candles. There's just something about fall, y'all! And speaking of fall, I'm gonna need this mug (found here)...

> What I'm Watching/Reading...
Eric and I have been watching The 100 on Netflix for the last couple of weeks and have been hooked. We just wrapped up Season 4, and I have no clue when Season 5 starts, BUT I CANNOT EVEN WAIT.
As far as books go, I just wrapped up Saving Grace by Jane Green and  The One and Only by Emily Giffin. Recommend them both! I am now starting Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly.

> What I'm Listening To...
I've been making my own playlists on Spotify lately, and I always love browsing other people's stations.

> What I'm Wearing...
It is still HOT HOT HOT in Savannah. So we are still in summer clothes over here, but I am beyond ready for fall clothes...which for us, will probably not happen for another 2+ months. Did I mention it's hot?

> What We're Doing This Weekend...
Depending on what our girl Irma decides to do, we may be evacuating.

> What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
I participate in a local consignment shop 2 times a year, and it is coming up. I always get the best clothes at such good prices, and by consigning items with them, I get to shop earlier than the public. Always one of my favorite times of the year! :) I'm also looking forward to scheduling a date night (or two) with my hubby. It's always so nice to spend some quality, kid-free time together. Please enjoy this awfully grainy selfie of us on our last date (which consisted of delicious Indian food and live music at a local coffee shop).

> What Else Is New...
I mentioned that I am now working part-time for our church, and I really love it. It has been such a blessing to work at a place where I am already invested. God's timing & details were completely perfect - giving me a job so close to our new house, giving me a job with the same hours (only 15 hours/wk) as my last one but with a pay increase. The most important thing to me and Eric is that I get to stay home as much as possible with the boys, and so this was the perfect situation for us.

> What Are Your Best Back-To-School Lunch Ideas/Tips?
Last year in Wells' PreK2 program, we packed snacks, but at his new school this year, the school provides their snacks. So, as of now, I am no longer packing anything. But one thing that I do with Wells in general to get him to eat something he isn't crazy about is to give him a little toothpick/skewer. Kids will eat anything on a stick! Ha! So, I see lots of little fruit or sandwich kabobs in his future, once he's old enough to pack a lunch! :)

Can't wait to read everyone else's posts! It feels good to be back! :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wells: A 3-Year Snapshot

In June, our big boy turned three years old. Three years?  HASHTAG HOW IN THE WORLD!?

I always love recording what our guys are up to at different stages and ages. It's so fun to look back and remember the little things we loved or may have even forgotten. So, here is what Wells is up to as a three year old...

The Stats: Our guy is still big for his age :) At his 3-year checkup, he was in the 80th(ish) percent for height and weight. I can't remember his height, but he is currently weighing in at around 37 lbs. He wears 3T shorts/pants and 3T-4T shirts. He is in a size 9.5/10 shoe. 

Talking: This child never stops talking! :) and his vocabulary is out of this world. He amazes people at how much he talks and how big his vocabulary is. Here are some of my favorite things he says:
  • When he says "because" he switches it around, saying "kee-buzz" ...and I don't want him to ever stop saying in that way. I <3 it!
  •  He uses "maybe" or "I think" at the beginning of a lot of his sentences, even when he doesn't need to...for example, "I think maybe you can play with me?" :)
  • He mispronounces "restaurant" in the cutest way - "rester-not."
  • If I tell him no to something he will sometimes say very calmly and softly, "I am so sad." Thanks, Daniel Tiger. 
  • He has started saying, "actually" a good bit now...the other day, one of his TV shows asked if there were hippos on a farm, and he said "ACTUALLY, there are hippos on farms SOMETIMES." :)
  • The other day, he exclaimed, "Sasparilla!" I asked him where he heard that, and he told me that's what Donald Duck says. 
  • If he wakes up in the morning or from a nap before Grayer, he will go to Grayer's crib when he wakes up and say, "Hi Grayer, did you have a good nap?"
  • He will call "Eric" instead of "Dad" every now and then because he hears me do it all the time. The other day, he exclaimed, "Hankin!" instead of "Eric" - in the exact same way and in the exact same situation I would have! Too funny!

Favorite Things: 
  • Toys/Activities: Wells is still a train-loving boy (his bedroom at our new house is train-themed)  and loves to play at his train table all day. He likes to play firefighter, too - we will give him a "mission," like saving a stuffed animal, and he'll throw on his firefighting hat & coat and rush to do the job! :) Watching him play pretend is so much fun.
  • TV shows: Right now it probably a toss-up between Daniel Tiger, Bubble Guppies, and Thomas the Tank Engine. 
  • Color: His favorite color is red. 
  • Foods: Strawberries & blueberries, carrot sticks & ranch, cheese quesadillas, PIZZA, and french fries :)
  • Books: He loves all his train books (Little Engine that Could, Little Red Caboose, etc), and he really likes one we got at my mom's book fair, called There's a Giraffe in my Soup! 
School: Wells just started PreK3. He is at a different school than last year because it is closer to our house. He is currently going on Monday & Wednesday mornings, and we may add Friday in January (to prepare him for the longer week that PreK4 will bring next fall). He seems to really be enjoying it so far and is, of course, so excited that there are train toys in his room.

Brotherhood: Wells is a great big brother! He loves Grayer so much and enjoys playing with him. He does get pretty upset when Grayer doesn't play like he wants him to (or destroys his train tracks), but we are working on that! Grayer adores him and is always calling for "bubba." Watching the boys play together is so sweet, and I love watching their bond grow stronger each day.  

Scaredy-cat: Wells is definitely our cautious child. He wasn't too sure about the pool/beach when the summer began, but he slowly warmed up. It takes him time to get used to something new if he isn't too sure about it to begin with. He spooks easy (like his mama) and some nights, bedtime is a struggle because he hears every possible noise inside and outside while he is laying there. He yells out from his bedroom, "What was that noise?!?!" several times before he finally falls asleep.

Sleep: He still takes a good afternoon nap, and even though he always tells us that he does not want to take a nap, he usually ends up sleeping for about 1.5 - 2 hours :). He normally sleeps pretty well at night without waking up. He is still not a morning person - he likes to relax in his bed for a while before he actually gets up.

Future Weatherman Material: Any time Wells says it's going to rain, it rains. Every. Time. He will look up and say, "those are storm clouds" (even when they are just barely dark and I wouldn't have even noticed). He cracks me up with his weather observations, and I know that I'd better prepare for rain if he predicts it.

Potty Training: Wells has been potty trained since the end of last year, but we were still putting him in diapers at nap/bedtime for a while. We stopped that a few months ago, and he has done great! I think he has only had two overnight accidents, which is a much lower number than I thought it would be!

Blankie: He still loves to have his blankie at nap/bedtime, but he isn't as attached to it as he used to be. He hasn't had a paci since before his 3rd birthday. He was using his paci when sleeping, but we told him that when we moved into our new house back in May and he got his big bed (he had been in a toddler bed), that he wouldn't need a paci anymore. He didn't fight it, and it was a lot easier than I expected!

Sense of Humor: Wells has always been a little ham. He loves to make us laugh and is such a goofball. I don't see that changing any time soon - I mean, have you met his dad? ;)

I can't believe we've already got a 3-year-old around the house. This boy keeps us running around, keeps us on our toes, keeps us laughing, and keeps us hoping he'll stay little forever. We love you, Wellsie-Man! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Grayer: An 18-Month Snapshot

I fully intended to do a 15-month snapshot for our Grayer Bear, but by the time I finally got around to it (AKA now), he was 18 months! We have been so busy moving into the new house that it totally got away from me, but I definitely wanted to document all the things I want to remember about our littlest guy at his current age.

Weighs: At his 15-month doctor's appointment, our boy weighed in at 24lbs I think. I know that he is in the 50th percentile for weight and only the 15th percentile for height! Our stout little guy has a check-up later this week, so I'll know his stats for sure :)

Sleeps: Grayer has been a fantastic sleeper for quite a while now. It is rare for him to wake up at any point throughout the night. His bedtime routine consists of a bath with bubba, PJs, getting his teeth brushed (which he is NOT a fan of), and then a story. I turn on his sound machine & projector, say prayers, give him his paci & blankie, and lay him down in the crib. Every now and then he will put up a fight, but he usually goes down without a peep. As for naps, he sometimes still takes a morning snooze. If we are in the car in the late morning, he will fall asleep at that time, and sometimes at the house if he is extra fussy, I will lay him down for a 30-minute max morning nap. He takes a pretty good afternoon nap - lately it has been about 2 hours. #allthepraisehands

Eats: Our boy is still a big eater. He is always jealous of anyone who is eating in front of him. He doesn't usually have a huge appetite for breakfast right away in the morning but always wants his milk first thing. And he will plop himself down on the kitchen rug to drink it every single time. He LOVES to snack all day long, too. His favorite foods right now are fruit (specifically blueberries & strawberries), cheese, french fries (#getsitfromhismama), and sausage & ham (#getsitfromhisdaddy). He is literally always in the pantry pulling out food like a crazy man.

Wears: He is wearing 18-month clothes right now. Because he's a short fella, I can sometimes put a pair of 12-month shorts on him :) He is in a size 5.5 shoe.

Plays: While he would still rather play with non-toys (like my keys, wallet, the remote), he has gotten so much better than he used to be at playing with toys and keeping himself entertained. He and Wells have really started playing well together...when Grayer isn't trying to snatch Wells' toys or rip up the train tracks! He loves chasing after his brother, wrestling with brother & Daddy, baths, being outside, and "reading" books to himself.

Other things to note

-Grayer LOVES LOVES LOVES music. If he hears even the faintest sound of a song, he immediately starts dancing. If any kind of song comes on a TV show, it's got his full attention. He likes to "sing," too. He has a little tune that he either made up or is trying to mimic some song he heard - he was singing it at the top of his lungs for days and we thought it was the funniest thing!

-He likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, Daniel Tiger, Mother Goose Club, and Barney...basically whatever Wells is watching :)

-He is our little trouble-maker. He is always into something. ALWAYS. Whether it's emptying dirty clothes out of the hamper, going through the kitchen/bathroom cabinets, emptying the silverware out of the dishwasher, or trying to get in the trashcan - the boy is mischievous!

-This child has a temper!!!! He will throw a tantrum like a crazy man if he doesn't get his way. We are working on this, but it is a little funny to see how dang dramatic he is! (See below. Ha! This was because I wouldn't give him any more fruit snacks...after he ate like 3 bags!!!)

-He is still a big-time Mama's boy. He was having major separation anxiety for a while, but I think it has gotten better. He does want me to pick him up a lot during the day when we are home - if I am in the kitchen, he will come up to me and wedge himself between me and the cabinet and reach up for me to hold him.

-He has not a been as big a talker as Wells was at his age, but he is becoming more and more vocal by the day. He can actually say a pretty good number of words, but he would rather babble. And even though he doesn't talk a ton, he understands everything we say! It's a little scary how much he understands sometimes! :) Here are some of his most-used (or just my favorite ones!) words he says:

  • Mama, Dada, Bubba, Pappy (Paci) Baa-Baa (Bubble Guppies), Dog, Fishie, Milk, Grandma, Grandpa, Ashie (Ashley), Gat (Gatlin), Bird, Gigi, Papa, No No, Yes, Annie (Granny), Juice, Cheese, Bye, Night Night, Hot Dog (what he calls Mickey Mouse), Uh-Oh, Train, Choo-choo, Car, Dump Truck, and the animal noises for a monkey, elephant, lion, tiger, cow, and dog.

-This kid still puts things in his mouth even though I think he should be well out of that phase by now. If there is something small around, he cannot be trusted! Like I said, mischievous!!! :)

-He is our early riser. It is rare for him to sleep in in the mornings.

-Having grown up with a train-obsessed brother, Grayer had no choice but to like trains! Haha! He is now a little train lover, too, and likes to get a train out of the train box in the playroom first thing in the morning.

- He also likes to play with some little animal figurines that we have. He will take each one out and babble about them and say their noises if he knows what that particular animal says :)

-Just like with Wells, it has taken forever for Grayer to get hair! It seems to be coming in faster lately. He has a lot in the back, but not very much on top still, so he has a bit of mullet! Haha! And his hair is kind of a medium-dark blonde as of right now.

-I think he got a true mix of mine and Eric's eyes because his appear to be hazel. For a while, they stayed blue, so I thought he might have Eric's eyes. But eventually they started to darken. They aren't quite brown like mine and Wells', though. On any given day they can look gray, blue, green, or brown.

-Grayer is our little daredevil - he is not scared or hesitant about ANYTHING. He gives me mini-heart attacks all day long.

-He loves Wells so much. In the morning, they will give each other hugs. And randomly throughout the day, I will see them loving on each other. They get on each other's nerves, too! But seeing them play together and be sweet with one another is just the best thing ever.

We love this little stinker so much! Can't believe he's already a year and a half! Happy eighteen months, Grayer William!