Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This week FLEW by! I didn't get to blog as much this week as I have been lately, but that's just the way it goes sometimes :)

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My DIY Magnolia Wreath
I blogged about this on Tuesday. I LOVE the way this wreath turned out, and I love even more that it didn't cost me a penny to make. If you are a magnolia wreath fan but can't justify the price tag (like me!), consider DIYing one!

Day Trip to Charleston
Charleston is just about a 2-hour drive from us here in Savannah, so we hit up the Children's Museum there on Wednesday. It was really nice, and Wells had a blast. His favorite was definitely the room with the giant water table. He played in there for the majority of the day. Before we went in, we grabbed lunch at the food truck, The Charleston Bird, around the corner. Their sandwiches were SO good, and we took them in with us to eat them in the outdoor area of the museum.

Costume/Party Day
Wells had his Halloween party at school on Thursday. I designed a quick tag and made treat bags filled with Hershey's Kisses and rubber bugs for his class. Love the way they turned out and of course how no-fuss they were to make (thanks for the idea, Pinterest).

It was also costume day, but I didn't want to send him in a full costume (because preschool); so he wore an engineer cap, bandana, and took his train whistle. For Halloween, he will have a Thomas the Tank Engine box to "ride" in, but for school. I thought the outfit was plenty.

Pumpkin Painting
We had a little pumpkin carving/painting night at my Granny's earlier this week. My mom worked on Wells' pumpkin, which was...surprise, surprise...Thomas! He loved it, and it turned out so cute. I worked on Grayer's pumpkin, keepin' it simple with two bats and a moon that looked so bad, I made it into a "G' for Grayer. #paintingisnotmything

Eric's Birthday
Today is Eric's 28th birthday, but we won't get to see him until about 8pm tonight once he's off work. The boys will be making a card for him this afternoon & we've already gotten his gift. We'll have birthday brownies ready for him when he gets home. We can't eat lunch with him because of protocol (lame), but I think I may drop off a birthday milkshake to him while he is on break. I love my hubby so much and can't believe this is the 10th birthday I've celebrated with him! We met in college just before his 19th birthday, and I still remember the sweater I bought him as a present :)

And, lastly, one UNFAVORITE thing: sadly, we found out (3 days before closing), that we are not getting the house :( This was a tough pill to swallow. We LOVED this house, and while there is still a possibility for us to get it that we contemplated very seriously, we just feel like God is telling us to take a step back and look for something else. The entire process has been one of those where it's been a different struggle at every turn. The whole issue has to do with the rare type of loan we need (so that renovation expenses are wrapped up in the overall loan) - and when I say rare, I mean it. We found only TWO mortgage lenders who offer this type of loan. The loan is ridiculously strict, and it's basically been a nightmare.

Even though we are sad to lose it, we are excited to see where God is going to lead us. We thought we would be in the apartment for 1.5 months during the overlap of selling our house and buying the new one, but it looks like we will be here a while longer. And I need help accepting that :) We truly are thankful for all of our blessings and know that this is just a minor setback compared to other things going on in the lives of so many others.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. So sorry to hear about the house! How frustrating to be looking so forward to it and finding out at the last minute. Hopefully something even better will work out for you guys very soon!

  2. Sorry about the house! That's a bummer! I hope you look back on it one day & see that it was because something better was in store for your family. :)

    1. Thank you :) We are trusting that God knows way better than we do and has something much better than our own plans!


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