Monday, October 17, 2016



Friday was pretty typical and very low-key. I went to work for a couple hours and took Grayer with me while Wells stayed with my dad. Then it was lunch, naps, and playtime. I got a call from our doctor's office to say that the boys' labs from the day before were back - and they have 2 bacterial sicknesses and 1 viral sickness, which perfectly explains all of the snot, whining, and overall crankiness they've been experiencing the last couple days. Not fun at all, but at least they are now on some antibiotics and hopefully on their way to feeling better. Eric got home later than usual Friday night, so we were all going crazy beyond ready to see him. He played with the boys, and then we put them to bed.

I was exhausted and decided to unwind with a bath, a book, and a bowl of ice cream. And then about 10 minutes later, Grayer woke up crying. #momlife

Grayer was up and at 'em early Saturday morning. He didn't get the mom-wants-to-sleep-in memo. We played for a while and waited for Wells to wake up. We had scrambled eggs with cheese & ham - one of Wells' favorite breakfasts - and got ready for the day. We made a trip to Target with my parents, and I was pretty happy with the stuff I found. Because we are in an apartment for just about 2 months while transitioning from our old house to the new one (but mostly because Eric put my decorations box in the storage unit #ahem), I have not decorated for Fall/Halloween. But Target's Dollar Spot sucked me in.

I actually did very good, though, and only got a few things. I LOVED this black and white watercolor pumpkin (only $3? yes, please). I got the boys some festive Halloween glass milk bottles and also grabbed a cypress cedar-scented candle. My mom and I made a simple little Halloween craft later in the afternoon. How cute is this little monster?

We just glittered the inside of a clear, plastic Christmas ornament and hot glued some googly eyes on it. I hung it on Wells' doorknob, and he loves him! Eric got home and played with the boys and watched some football while I packed his lunch/dinner for work on Sunday.

Church and Sunday dinner with the family as usual. Wells has a little girlfriend at my parents' church, and they ate breakfast together that morning :)

The rest of the day was pretty much just a blur of naps, playtime, wrestling (literally) an 8-month-old to the ground and forcing Amoxycillin down his throat. and mentally preparing for a new week! Wells was out of school all last week because of the Hurricane Matthew aftermath, so it will be good for us to all get back into our normal routines. Eric is now off until Friday, and I think we may plan a little day trip on Wednesday to do something fun with the boys. Looking forward to a great week!

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  1. Um, that black and white pumpkin is awesome! I don't know how I've missed it in the dollar spot one of the 8,000 times I went to Target in the last week, but I might have to go back tonight to look for it!


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