Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites!

What. A. Week.

I'm just gonna be honest - things have been rough around here this week. We have a lot of tough, heavy stuff going on that I am just not quite ready to post about. But there truly is always good even in the midst of the bad, so let's lighten things up with some favorites of the week...

---> Can we just talk about the perfection that is This is Us? I love every single thing about this show. Every. Single. Thing.

---> If you haven't tried the new Birds Eye Protein Blends, you need to get on it. The Italian Style one is basically my new favorite lunch. And, I eat the whole thing. I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to, but I do. #rebel

---> A favorite memory from Halloween night was when a man answered the door and told the kids (we were with a group) to hold on. He went back inside for a minute or two and emerged with two huge bars of chocolate. He told us that he was so sorry and that he had forgotten it was Halloween and said that this was all he had. was baking chocolate :) A HUGE bar of Ghirardelli baking chocolate! Haha! We laughed so hard after we left. His wife is gonna be mad when she goes to bake some cookies and finds out he gave her good chocolate away!

---> This meme. #vanillaice2016

---> Another recent favorite is Wells' blossoming vocabulary. He picks up new words and phrases all the time, and as two-year-olds tend to do, he puts his own spin on them. Right now, when you tell him "Thank you," he responds, "I welcome." :)))

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Fingers crossed that we will FINALLY get our family photos taken - I keep putting them off because it has been way too hot to take pictures in anything that even resembles fall clothing! It's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend, so we've gotta jump on the opportunity!

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  1. I haven't tried those Bird Eye Protein packs yet - I just might have to now! How sweet that Wells is chatting more :)

    1. They are so yummy! And, oh yes, he is QUITE the chatter now! :)

  2. That baking bar story is too funny!! On the bright side, you're ready for Holiday baking!!
    Saying a prayer for you....even though I don't know your needs, God does! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I really do appreciate it :)


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