Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: SCARY Stories!

So, in the spirit of Halloween, Andrea's Show & Tell topic this week is "scary stories." This is perfect for me because I have ALWAYS been the biggest scaredy cat.

-I hated fireworks - like, my dad had to hold me while they were going on.

-Every single time we go to the beach, I have to be pep-talked to go in the water.

-I almost had a panic attack walking to my room after watching the movie Clue (which is supposed to be funny!) one night...and that was when I was a teenager. #imserious

-I was always scared the rapture would happen when I was in the tub and I would somehow be left behind. Also, this...

-I would instantly freak out inwardly if my mom ever asked me to call a business (Dr., restaurant, ANYwhere)

-When Eric and I got married, if he ever had to go out of town, I would spend the night at my parents' house. #iknowmylimits (I am now over the fear of staying alone though because Eric went on night shift for about 9 months while Wells was little. I had no choice but to man up :))

Anyway, so me being scared at night was a typical occurrence growing up, but one particular instance took the cake by far. I was either in high school or home during a college break when I heard the rattling of the glass window in the kitchen door in parents' house. I had heard that sound a million times and knew that it made that sound when the outside door opened/closed. Everyone was in bed at this time - my parents and my little sister. An intruder was in the house. I almost peed in my pants. Seriously. I was frozen in fear. I hurriedly shut and locked my door and called my parents on the house phone from my cell phone. Their room was on the complete other side of the house than my room and my sister's room. My mom answered and I told her that someone was in the house. My dad got out of bed, grabbed one of his guns (we're Georgia people), and started patrolling the house.

I hung up the phone and was about to call 911. And then I heard.a.knock.on.my.door. I thought to myself, "This is how it ends." No joke, I thought I was dead. I called my mom back and told her that someone was at my door - to which she replied something along the lines of "Stephanie, you ding dong! It's your Dad! Open it!" I asked who was there, and she was right - it was him. He told me that he checked and no one was in the house. I was certain that I heard the kitchen door. so he continued to look. He then noticed that the shower rod & curtain in the bathroom right outside my room had fallen. Do you know what it sounds like when a shower rod falls? Remarkably, a lot like the rattling of a glass window (insert blushing face emoji). Well, that was slightly embarrassing. I was still on the phone with my mom when we discovered the source of the noise. She was like, "Where is your sister?" ..."Um, in her room asleep." My mom was a little concerned (& maybe a tad upset. ha!) that I was so sure someone was in the house but I didn't even think to grab my elementary-age sister before locking myself in my room. #notimetobeahero

So, there you have it. In all honesty, that was really one of the scariest moments of my life (with the mildest, most anti-climactic outcome ever). I would like to report that with the maturity I have gained from growing up and especially from becoming a mom, I would no longer just be out for myself :) I wouldn't have to think twice before running to get my babies. In fact, I think they are the reason I am no longer as scared of nighttime anymore - because I know I have little people I need to protect. If something ever happens, I know my mama instinct will kick in. Eric might be on his own - ha! Does anyone else feel way braver after becoming a mom? Not as brave as this, though...


  1. Omg I totally feel you on this!! I'd be terrified- every time I hear a noise! And even though i'm married and in my late twenties.. when I hear a noise while i'm in the shower or the dogs bark - i'm always worried!!


  2. HAHA your story reminds me of a time when I woke up and felt someone else's hand in my bed...I was FREAKING out until I realized it was my own hand that had lost circulation and had "fallen asleep"!

  3. That shark picture cracked me up! The last one did too- so glad I found your blog :)

  4. Girl I get it!! & how funny is it that I feel safe when my kiddos (6 & 3) are home with me ... like they can protect me but if I'm alone it's a different story!

  5. This is SO ME!! The meme about not being able to call a business made me literally laugh out loud :) I still cringe inside when I have to call to make a hair appointment haha!

  6. Haha - this is perfect. And that meme - SO MUCH TRUTH.


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