Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Grayer is EIGHT Months!

Okay, yes, Grayer will be 9 months next week...but in my defense, I did have this post written a long time ago (back when he was a newly 8-month-old babe). I just could never get around to taking the pictures. Well, yesterday I finally took those pictures. So, now I can post it...almost an entire month late. #reallife

Grayer has been a busy bee this month. Here's a glimpse into his life lately:

Weighs: He hasn't been weighed in quite a while (he was 17 lbs and 11oz at his last appt), so I'm not really sure right now. If his vigor for eating is any indication, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he has gained a pound or two.

Sleeps: .Last month I reported that Grayer is an awful sleeper. I will stand by that statement again this month. Ha! He has had a couple of nights where he has only woken twice, and it was fab. But, it is by no means the norm yet. I mentioned that while we are in the apartment (only about a month 'till we move to the new house), his crib was moved to our room. Maybe that has something to do with all this waking (because he wasn't waking up quite this much when he had his own room at our old house). He has a noise machine - he and Wells have both slept with one since birth - but maybe he just senses movement in the room. That sounds crazy, but he has to sense it somehow because EVERY night when I get in bed, he wakes up. #hejustknows

Eats: I never thought that I'd meet a baby who loved food more than Wells did, but Grayer is that baby! This boy gets so excited when there is food around. He gets mad when you stop feeding him. He cannot handle anyone to eat without him being fed, too. He eats two solid meals a day and also little snacks throughout the day. He gets a little bit of juice or water but is still nursed the majority of the time.

Wears: He is mostly wearing 9-month and 12-month clothes. A lot of his clothes were Wells' clothes, so they may run a bit smaller just from being washed and worn before, but I would say that 9-month clothes are the best fit, with 12-months sometimes being just slightly too big. He is still in a size 3 diaper.

Plays: Grayer is happiest when there is lots of chaos going on. He gets bored very easily if things aren't loud or eventful (AKA if Wells isn't around!). He will sit and play with toys pretty well, especially if you put them in a box or basket and let him pull them out. He likes to bounce in his exersaucer, and he likes to be outside. He enjoys bath time even more now that he is out of the lounger and sitting up all on his own in the tub. He is showing some interest in crawling, but he mostly goes backwards or sideways when on his belly instead of actually crawling. He loves to stand (with help, of course).

Milestones: Big man learned how to drink from a straw last weekend, and he is now a master of all straws! Like I mentioned, he is now sitting up in the tub instead of using his baby bath lounger. He also pulled up for the first time last week. He learned to clap this week, too, and it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Lots of new tasks and skills this month!

This guy is hard at work learning new stuff every day. We love him to pieces and can't believe he's already 8 months!


  1. When Maggie was around 8-9 months, she would always wake up right when I was getting into bed too and she was in her own room! Maybe that's common? At any rate, I'm sending good sleep thoughts your way!


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