Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Quirks

Andrea has a super fun link-up topic today!

Goodness, where to even start? This will be totally random, but here are what I consider to be some quirks and/or little things that make me who I am :)

Chronic Lateness
Anyone who knows me at all knows that I will 99.9% be late to any event. Church, work (oops), doctor's appointments, parties, you name it. I can get up an hour earlier than I even need to and still be late. It's a problem. And it drives Eric crazy. I don't try to be late, but I don't mind it (well, at least for parties). If for any reason we happen to be on time or...gasp...early for a social get-together, I have been known to make Eric drive around the block a couple of times to kill some more time. You don't want to look over-eager, right?


I have always been allergic to dogs & cats - well, really all animals with hair :) I get itchy, blotchy, and wheezy. It's really attractive. If we are going to someone's house that may have a dog (and we haven't yet told them about my allergy), Eric has to go in first in case there is a dog and "play" with him so it doesn't get to me. Ha! One time when we were dating, he had to occupy the slobberiest dog in the world for like 10 minutes just so he wouldn't come over to me.

I am one of those people who uses their blinker for every turn. Parking spots? Carpool line? Parallel parking? Yes to all of them. #cantstopwontstop

Speaking of driving...
I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I rub this one in Eric's face all the time.

Coffee Creamer

I drink coffee for the creamer. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Politics are my jam...said no 27-year-old besides me ever. I love politics, and if you get in the car with me, chances are I will have talk radio playing. Eric and I are both talk radio junkies and get way too excited about all things politics. We are very much the go-to people for our families about any political topic because they know that we will be know everything there is to know about it. Also, this election season makes me want to literally throw up. It is giving me serious anxiety.


I HATE to listen to people smack their food. It has been a pet peeve of mine for as long as I can remember. It drives me completely nuts. Sometimes I can't even handle the normal sounds that people make when eating even if their mouth is closed. One time, a girl brought an apple to a Business Finance class I was in in college. She was across the room, but the sound of her chomping down made me want to walk out. I still think about it from time to time. #dontbringapplestoclass

Along the same lines of hearing someone chew, I hate to hear people cough. One cough will get you a pass. Two coughs, and I may be able to ignore it. But three or more? I can't. I'm not proud of this at all, but Wells had a really bad cough last week, and I almost lost it a few times. I had to consciously tell myself that he could not help it and that it was bothering him way more than me.

Thick Hair

My hair has always been VERY thick. In middle school (before the really good flat irons were available for the average gal), I would get up extra early so that my dad could iron - yes, as in on the ironing board - my hair before school. I wish I was joking. It was the only way I could get my hair to be somewhat "sleek." Even now, I have very high-maintenance hair. I cannot just wash my hair and leave the house. I have to curl or straighten it, or it will inevitable end up in a (very large) top knot.

Always Cold
I get cold very easily. My hands and feet are always as cold as ice. Sometimes in the summer (summer in Savannah could easily mean a heat index of 110 degrees), if I am by myself I like to sit in my car without turning on the A/C. Not for long, but just long enough to enjoy the warmth. It's weird, I know. I also use the seat warmers in our van year-round.

There are four things that I put in the same nauseatingly-smelly category: Play-Doh, Tootsie Rolls, candy corn, and raw celery. Just no. I get queasy thinking about them. Let's move on.

I hate being scared, and unfortunately I scare easily. I can barely watch something even remotely suspenseful before going to bed. I once almost had a panic attack walking to my room after watching the movie Clue one night in high school. Yes, I know it's supposed to be funny not scary.

Meat is an Obligation

I'm not a vegetarian. I eat meat - I just prefer side dishes :) That's why I love holiday meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when there are billions of sides! I could very easily forget to put some turkey on my plate and not be sad at all. When I was little and staying with my grandma for a week one summer, she served pork chops for dinner. Well, I didn't finish mine...and do you know what I had for breakfast the next morning? Pork chop. And the morning after that? Pork chop. I had to eat that thing all week until it was gone! Ha! #porkchopsaretheworstmeat

Chocolate Bars
Chocolate is not the key to my heart. I will eat chocolate cake, brownies, and things like that, but the though of eating a candy bar makes me sick. It must be hard chocolate that I can't handle? Anyone else in this same boat?

Birds are a big no for me. I cannot stand seagulls at the beach, and I am so scared they are going to come land on me. I don't like bird shows at places like Disney World, etc. It's the talons, I think. And the beaks. And the screeching.

So, there you have it. Just a few of my quirks. I can't wait to read everyone else's!


  1. I never thought about smells before but that's making me think...Thanks for sharing and of course, why is chewing necessary? ;)

    1. Seriously! Some people need their food blended so they can drink it quietly :)

  2. I was talking to someone just last week who said they heat their car seats year round. I don't have heated seats so that sounded odd to me but I guess it's not!

  3. So many of these are me too. I am always cold. I need creamer in my coffee otherwise I go for a Latte. I hate when people smack their food as well. It is the worst. I wish I never had a speeding ticket. You are really lucky for that one!

  4. The hair dryer...😂😂😂 I always bring mine because I need more of a leaf blower since I have so much hair. CARBS!!! YES! I'm all about that side, bout that side, no protein. Whenever I'm visiting friends and family, they are so sweet and get me my coffee creamer even though they don't use it❤️


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