Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wells: An 18-Month Snapshot

Wells is officially closer to being 2 years old than being 1 year old. My baby is turning into a little boy right before my very eyes! Goodness gracious. Here's what's going on with Wells at this year-and-a-half update.

Wells currently weighs about 28.5 lbs and is 33 inches tall. So, since his 15-month checkup, he has gained 3 pounds and 2 inches! He wears 18-24 month clothing. He wears a size 6.5 shoe (1.5 size larger than at 15 months!), and he is still in a size 4 diaper. Although, once we run out of our current diaper stock, we'll probably go ahead and bump up to a size 5 :)

Eating Habits:
I don't think my boy will ever lose his love for food. The other night, we went out to eat with my parents, and he definitely ate for about 10 minutes after everyone else was finished with their meal! He is not always as hungry as that night, but we all got a good laugh! His favorite foods right now are broccoli (seriously), meat (just like his daddy), and cheese (or cheeeeeeeeese, as he says :)). He is a big snacker, too. He hardly ever turns down a snack, and if you are eating in his line of vision, expect him to come up to you for a taste.

Sleeping Habits: 
Wells does sleep through the night, but he still occasionally wakes up once or twice a night wanting his paci. Sometimes he will soothe himself back to sleep, and sometimes I'll go into his room quickly and get it for him, lay him back down, and cover him up with his blanket.

I listed 25+ words that Wells knows on his 15-month update. I am sure I am forgetting some, but here are some of the words he's added to his ever-expanding vocabulary:
- "Haa" - Heart (with a very phlegm-y sounding "H" sound)
- "Cone" - Corn (hilariously country-sounding!)
- "Didjo" - Video (when he wants to watch a video of himself on one of our phones)
- "Dis" - Again (No idea where this came from, as it sounds nothing like the word he means)
- "Dog"
- "Sheep"
- "Chick" - Chicken
- "Bath"
- "Naan" - Fan
- "Tree" - Christmas tree
- "But" - Button
- "Santa" and "HoHo"
- "Teacher" - he picked this word up in the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"
- "Nack" - Snack (and "Nack Nack" means fruit snack :))
"Pat Pat" - During The Little Einsteins' blastoff sequence.
- "Uh-oh" - This was actually his first word ever, but he stopped saying it for a while, which is why I forgot to list it last time. He has just recently brought it back as a new favorite word :)
- "Hot dog" - Used to refer to Mickey Mouse (because of the hot dog song). This is another word he knew last time but didn't really say anymore so I forgot to mention. Well, it is back in the word rotation, and we hear it multiple times a day :)
- "Gigi" - Eric's mom
- "Gan" - My Granny
- His newest animal sounds and/or motions are for sheep, dog, bird, elephant, fish, and monkey.

Quirks & Miscellaneous:

Some new quirks for little man:
- Whenever he walks up the stairs (holding hands with someone), with each step, he grunts.
- He LOVES watching videos of himself on our phones. If he sees mine or Eric's phones lying around, he will bring them to us and say "didjo" (video).
- He and Eric run around the house tickling each other, and Wells copies Eric, running after him with his hands out and fingers wiggling.
- He still loves his blankies. I have to hide his dirty blankies underneath other clothes (because his hamper is see-through). If not, he will drag them out. If he sees one of his blankies anywhere, he has to pick it up and carry it around.
- He laughs hysterically when you stomp your feet when singing "If you're Happy and you Know It."
- No matter how many times I repeat "apple," Wells will still call every apple (and sometimes other fruit) he sees a "nana" (banana).
- Wells figured out about a month ago how to unlatch the gate at the top of our stairs. Since our house is a split-level and our main living areas are on the 2nd floor, this gate is IMPORTANT. We have since installed a lock on the back of the gate in addition to the front lock to stop Houdini from getting out.
- Wells LOVES fans. Yes, you read that correctly. If he sees a ceiling fan, box fan, or a vent/slats on the floor that in his mind resemble a fan, he joyfully exclaims "Naan" (fan, obviously),
- There are little short cartoon clips on the Disney Jr. app called Tsuum Tsuum. They are Disney characters but in like a hamster-looking form (I don't know how to describe it! Haha). They don't talk but just make noises, and the clips are only like 2 minutes long, but Wells LOVES watching them. He will watch a number of them back to back.
- During this Christmas season, we have our big Christmas tree in the living room and a small one near our front door where we display Christmas cards, Whenever we come up the stairs, he lets you know that he wants the lights turned on at the little tree, and then once we get into the living room, he goes over to the big tree and lets you know he wants those lights on too. Also, he likes to take off ornaments off of the tree and put them back on (by shoving them deep into the branches!). His Little People nativity set is a big hit this year, too. He likes making the animals "eat" the food in the trough, and he likes pressing the angel on top of the table to make "Away in a Manger" play.

Show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still takes the  cake. But he does enjoy other Disney Jr. shows as well.
Snack - Pretzels and raisins
Food - Broccoli and meat. And ANY kind of dipping sauce.
Book - He really loves almost all of his books. He does like this one little series of "box" books. Each one is about a different "box" - lunchbox, toolbox, boombox.
Security Item - He doesn't have to have one with him at all times, but if he sees one of his muslin blankets, he grabs it and carries it around with him.
Toy/Activity - He still LOVES to play outside. He likes to wrestle with Daddy. He likes to throw balls. Typical boy through and through.

A Day in the Life of Wells: 
Honestly, each day varies for us, depending on mine and Eric's work schedules. So this will just be a very general one. Since I work part-time, if it is a day that I have work, Wells stays with Grandma from 9am-2pm.

Wells wakes up typically around 8:30am (give or take, depending on the previous night's bedtime). He usually gets his morning milk right away, but we are now beginning the process of giving it to him with his breakfast. After drinking his milk, he roams the house for a few minutes, playing while I get ready for the day. Breakfast can be anything from grits to oatmeal to yogurt, with maybe some dry cereal or nutragrain bar, and a banana. After breakfast, we play. He may watch an episode of something on Disney Jr. while I clean the kitchen or do some other housework. He has officially cut out his morning nap, so playtime is longer than it used to be. Depending on what day it is, Dad may be home to play with outside. We may run a couple of errands during this time, too. Lunch can be something like cubed ham or shredded chicken, with a cheese stick, fruit/vegetables, and a sippy cup of water or juice. After lunch, it's about nap time. He sleeps about 2 hours (sometimes more) now that this is his only nap of the day. After waking, we play and possibly eat a snack if it isn't too close to dinner. Dinner prep takes place while Wells plays by himself or with Daddy if he's home. We then eat dinner (he usually eats what we're eating), play some more, go for a walk, take a bath, etc. Around 8:30 or so, Wells gets some milk and may wind down for the night by watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Little Einsteins.Then it's time to change into PJs, brush teeth, and read a book or two in the rocking chair. Then it's prayers and bed (hopefully with no wake-ups!).

Wells keeps us BUSY all day long. He does not stop from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he goes to sleep.There is never a dull moment with him, and he constantly has us laughing. We love watching his personality continue to develop. He is so energetic, playful, and curious. He is super smart and catches onto things very quickly. He is quite the attention-seeker and loves when people laugh at him. And he is, for sure, a strong-willed little guy. I am looking forward to seeing him become a big brother in the next month or so. I know he won't understand what's going on at first, and I know it will be a big adjustment for all of us, but I am soooooo excited to soon have 2 little boys running around the house playing together and loving on each other :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wells: A 15-Month Snapshot

Well, it's officially been FOREVER since I blogged last. Being pregnant plus chasing after a one-year-old all day plus the absolute craziness of life in general lately has gotten me so out of whack!

Never a dull moment.

Anyway, a certain handsome guy just recently turned 15 months old. Babies grow so much at this age (physically, mentally, emotionally, everything!), so since we are no longer doing monthly updates like in his first year, I wanted to make sure that I document just what Wells has been up to lately :)

At his 15-month appt last week, Wells weighed 25 lbs and 10 oz and was 31 inches tall. He wears 18-24 month clothing (although the length is sometimes too long in some of the pants/shorts). He wears a size 5 Wide shoe (chubby foot!), and he is still in a size 4 diaper.

Eating Habits:
My boy still loves to grub. There are some days when he will eat less at meal times than other days, but I think that's pretty normal for a toddler. He is most definitely a snacker. If you are eating something and he sees it (even if he literally just finished a meal), he will come get some from you. He pretty much eats everything...except lima beans. Which is a little crazy because he eats all other kinds of beans. Who knows.

Sleeping Habits: 
For about two months or so now, Wells sleeps through the night. Can I get an AMEN? Up until that point he was waking one or two times a night wanting his paci. I guess he has finally learned to get it himself throughout the night or just soothes himself back to sleep without it because he very rarely crises out in the middle of the night. After over a year of not getting a full night's sleep, I have to say it feels GOOD to have no interruptions throughout the night. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest, as in just a few short months, it'll be back to waking every 2-3 hours with a newborn. Goodness, I need coffee just thinking about it.

Wow. This kid knows so many words. He amazes me, for real! Here are the words he knows right now:
- "Daa" - Dad (side note, he will not say my name! if you ask him where I am, he knows you're talking about me, but he never says Mama!!!!)
- "Bye" - says it with a little country twang, and ALWAYS says it when he hears you say it when hanging up the phone.
- "Mak" - Milk.
- "Ba" - Bottle/Cup
- "Book"
- "Jaaaaaaake!" - says it just like that whenever he sees Jake & the Neverland Pirates
- "Ball" - all day, every day :)
- "Bloon" - Balloon
- "Moon"
- "Duck"
- "Kak Kak" - Quack Quack
- "Cow"
- "Moo"
- "Fish"
- Other animal noises for owl, lion, snake, bird.
- "Bi" - Bite
- "Dip" - he looooooves to dip his meat in any kind of sauce
- "Ma" - More. When he wants more food or drink
- "Ches" - Cheese
- "Nana" - Banana
- "Ni-Ni" - Night night
- "Don" - Donald Duck
- "Threeeeee" - After you say, "one, two"
- "Awwww" - more like an "mmmmm" actually...whenever he gives hugs or kisses.
"Gat"- Gatlin, my nephew
"Ash...ley" - My sister...he says it with a pause in the middle :)
- He makes utterances that I really don't even know how to type or spell for: fan, blankie, amen, bubbles, all gone.

Quirks & Miscellaneous:
There are so many cute things Wells does right now that I know are just a phase and that he soon won't do anymore, so I wanted to record those for my memory, too!
- After he takes a nap, when you go to get him out of his crib, he hands you his blankie first, and then sometimes all the other things that are in his crib, too (pillow, other blanket, stuffed animal).
- Singing, if you can call it that. He has just started to "sing"...which really just sounds like short words or beginning of words in a row. Hard to explain, I know. But he does it when songs he likes come on.
- Lots of times before I lay him in his crib for nap time or bedtime, I will not even realize I am patting his back. He has just recently started patting mine :)
- Folding hands to pray at dinner sometimes happens and sometimes he just sits there until you fold his hands for him. During our (super short) blessing, he will look right at you, and then utter a "uh" when you say amen.
- If he sees you blowing his food, he will blow it too...sometimes after it's already in his mouth. Crazy kid.
- This boy takes after me and loves condiments of any kind. I try to not give him dip at every meal because I don't want him to get dependent on it. He has tried (& loved) all of these: ranch, hummus, ketchup, yogurt as a dip, greek dressing, marinara, honey mustard, and CFA sauce.
- He loves his blankies. He sleeps with one at every nap and at night. And at different times throughout the day he will pick one (or more if there are others in sight) and drag it throughout the house. His favorite are the muslin ones.
- Even though I've tried to get him to do this for a while now, he finally just started giving kisses, or "sugars" as we call them. I cannot get enough.
- He is a paci boy. He does not have one at all times. But he always has it when laying down to go to sleep. We give it to him when is fussy throughout the day, and lots of times he will get it himself if he sees it laying around. His favorites are the Mam brand. Do not try to give him another brand. He knows.
- He is soooo into books right now. Multiple times throughout the day, he will grab a book and sit down with it. Or he will bring it to you to read. We also read every night before bed.

My little bookworm.

Food - Broccoli. I mean, he KILLS it. He will pick it over all things on his tray.
Book - Mr. Brown can Moo by Dr. Seuss
Thing to do - He is all boy. Give him a ball, take him outside, or wrestle with him, and he is happy.

Spoon skills: cheese grits edition.
Recent Milestones to Note: 
Obviously since doing his 12-month update, Wells learned to walk. He is a very good walker, and running is now in the works. Lucky us. He also just cut tooth #13, his first canine tooth. Lucky us, again :) He refused to drink through a straw and would get very mad when he tried, up until last week. My mom bought him a sippy cup with a fat straw, and he finally got it. Now he is a master of all straws! We have been working on eating with a spoon for a little while now. He does better with some foods than others, but it is never a pretty sight after he's done. Grits have been the most successful since they are a little more dense & sticky. Also since doing his 12-month update, we found out that Baby #2 will be a BOY. I could not be happier that Wells is going to be a big brother to a little brother. They will be about 19 months apart, and I cannot wait to see them grow up together as best friends. As we get closer to the due date, I think we will start talking to Wells more about the baby just to try to prepare him a little bit.- we do include "baby brother" in our nighttime prayers. Wells is very much a mama's boy, so I am hoping that the transition with Baby #2 goes smoothly. Prayers, please! :)

Winding down after a long day :)
Our Daily Routine: Not all of our days are the same as far as outings, etc., but for the most part, we have somewhat of a routine down. Wells wakes up around 8am (give or take) and immediately gets a morning bottle of milk. He usually drinks this in our bed while I catch a couple more minutes of sleep or while I get up and get ready for the day (I leave the bathroom door open so I can see if he tries to make a run for it and nose-dive off the bed). Then we go into the living room and play for a little bit. About 30 minutes to an hour after waking up, we eat breakfast (lately, breakfast looks like a banana and maybe grits or pancakes or yogurt or dry cereal, with a sippy cup of water). After breakfast, we play a little more. He may watch an episode of something on Disney Jr. while I clean the kitchen or do some other housework. Then he takes a short morning nap. Depending on what day it is, after the morning nap, Dad is usually awake (he works weird hours some days of the week). Playtime with Dad ensues (and maybe eating some of Dad's breakfast!). Eventually it's lunchtime (varies: PB & J, chicken with some kind of dipping sauce, mac & cheese, with some kind of side like veggie straws or fruit, and a sippy cup of water or juice). More playtime, maybe run an errand, or go out somewhere. We usually go out to lunch with Grandma one day of the week when Eric goes in to work early. Somewhere between 2 and 3pm, Wells goes down for his afternoon nap, which can last anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours. After waking, we play, possibly eat a snack if it isn't too close to dinner, or maybe run to the grocery store. We then eat dinner, play some more, go for a walk, take a bath, etc. Around 8-8:30, Wells gets his nightly milk bottle and may wind down for the night by watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I catch up on some computer work. Then it's time to change into PJS, brush teeth, and read a book or two in the rocking chair. After that, I turn on his noise machine/projector, grab his blankie and paci, and he hits the light switch to turn out the lights. He puts his head on my shoulder while we say prayers (sometimes he'll pat my back like I do his! the cutest!); then I lay him down in his crib and he goes right to sleep. I usually stay up a little while to do work or watch some TV and then call it a night. If it's a night where Eric is home, Wells usually stays up a little later.  And then Eric and I will then catch up once Wells is asleep and then head to bed.

We love this energetic, adventurous, smart, sweet boy so much! He brings so much joy to our lives. I don't know what the heck we did before we were parents, but I am sure it was a boring life :) Happy 15 months, my Wellsie-Man!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big News :)

It has been probably 3 weeks since I have blogged! I had gotten into a great routine there, and then BAM! The month of June hit me like a ton of bricks. We had Wells' first birthday & a huge fiesta-themed party for him.

Then I had a HUGE work project that I wasn't planning on having to handle this summer. So, that really induced a lot of stress and took a lot of my free time. Luckily it is pretty much wrapped up now.

And then we went on a little vacation to see some of Eric's family in NC and then on the way home, we stopped in Columbia, SC, to stay a couple of nights and do some fun stuff with just the 3 of us. We went to the SC Museum, Edventure (kids' museum), and the zoo! We had so much fun, and Wells did too! More pictures and a post to come on our little vacay soon (fingers crossed), but here are some zoo pics.

And lastly, the month of June (and really all of July so far) was killer because I am so stinking tired...due to the fact that I AM PREGNANT WITH BABY #2!!!!

What????? Yes, it's true, I am 10 weeks along with the second Hankin baby. We are stoked, but y'all. I. Am. Pooped. I remember being tired when pregnant with Wells, but that was nothing! Being pregnant while also keeping up with a 12 month old all day is no joke. All I want to do is lay down whenever I get a free second. But I am really hoping to get back in the blogging swing of things (if I can keep my eyes open!).

I will leave you with our pregnancy announcement that we posted last week :) We are big soccer fans, and Eric played college ball. So, a soccer-themed announcement seemed appropriate (funny side note - Wells was born during the World Cup last year, and baby #2's announcement was made during the women's World Cup this year).

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wells is TWELVE months!

You'll have to excuse the week or so of blog absence. To say we have been busy is is understatement! Obviously, one of the HUGE happenings around here is that a certain someone is now TWELVE MONTHS! Where in the world did those months go? I can't believe I am a mama to a one year old. We had a great fiesta-themed 1st birthday party with friends and family. And here is Wellsie Man's last monthly update (can you hear me sobbing?). 

Weighs: Wells weighs a hearty 23.5 pounds.

Sleeps: Big strides have been made this month, people! I started laying Wells down in his crib awake at night (up until now, he would fall asleep nursing every night). This allowed Wells to learn to put himself to sleep, so that way when he would wake at night, he would know how to soothe himself back to sleep. We read two books in his rocking chair before bed, then I turn on his projector & sound machine and turn the light off. Then I pray while puts his head on my shoulder, and then I give him a kiss, tell him I love him, and lay him down, making sure he has his paci and blanket by his face. He is used to our routine now (it only took him about a day or two to not cry right after being laid down). And I am happy to report that the night wakings have drastically reduced! He has slept through the night a number of times since we started, and when he does wake, it's usually only once. Hallelujah!!!!  

Eats: We officially weaned from breastfeeding this month, and Well is on whole milk. He wasn't super excited about whole milk at first so I cut it with a splash of vanilla soy milk (to make it a litter thinner and a little sweeter - both of which make it a little more like breastmilk). I don't have to add anything to it now, and he now LOVES his milk bottles! Wells went through about a week or two phase this month of not eating that much. It was SO not like him (it might have been because he was cutting molars), but he is past that phase now! Ha! He is back to his usual hungry self. 

Wears: He is currently wearing anything from 12 to 18 month size clothing. And he bumped up to a size 4 diaper this month.

Plays: With every month, he gets better and better at independent play. He crawls all over the living room & dining room playing with toys and entertaining himself. And we love playing with him too. He likes playing catch (well, really more throwing than catching). This month he has been obsessed with books. He will sit and flip through the pages and point to the pictures in his books. At night we read two books, and he'll flip the pages for me...it is too adorable (his favorite book to read right now is 10 Twinkly Stars). He loves basketball. Anytime we see a basketball goal, he can't stop pointing. We got a little basketball/soccer combo goal for him for his birthday, and he loves putting the ball in the basket. He is still a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. He now calls it by name, sort of. He actually calls it "hot dog," you know because of the hot dog song at the end :)  

  • He has cut 4 more teeth this month - all molars. Not very fun, let me tell you. It is hard to believe that two months ago he only had two teeth!
  • Now that he is a year, he can have honey! Haha! So far he has had honey nut cheerios, and a couple of small chicken nugget dips into some Chick-fil-A sauce.
  • He is saying so many new words. In the last month or so he has added these words to his vocabulary: 
    • "mama" & "dada" - he has been saying them but is finally using them correctly
    • "get up" - when we wake Eric on the mornings after he worked late
    • "duck" - mostly when referring to his rubber duckies in the tub
    • "more" - when he likes a food/drink, he is sure to let you know that he would like some more!
    • "hot dog" - this is how he refers to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (because of the hot dog song). 
    • "Ash" - my sister's name. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Yummy Summer Recipe

One day this week, I whipped up a super quick and yummy lunch. Light and refreshing - which screams summer food to me! Anyway, if you are in a sandwich rut, this may help get you out!

Avocado Chicken Salad
- 1 ripe avocado
- 1 cup cooked chicken (could also use 12.5 oz canned chicken)
- 1 Tbsp. Greek yogurt
- 2 Tsp. cilantro
- Some lime juice (I used maybe 1/4 tsp)

Cube avocado and scoop into bowl. Mix in the remaining ingredients. And voila! Wow, shortest recipe ever :) Enjoy on a sandwich or with crackers or chips. 
*I had mine on toasted wheat with Swiss cheese. Yum!

Friday Favorites!

This week's Friday's Favorites...drumroll please...

There seriously is not a thing cuter in this world than baby boy/toddler pjs. Not a thing. Those sweet little snug shirt & pants sets - gah! We've got 'em in monkeys, robots, Mickey Mouse, monsters, stripes, sharks, you name it! Let's just say, Wells' mother (ahem) may have a PJ purchasing problem. I love these bulldozer ones (available here).

You know the ones - light and refreshing and easy to make! I made a really yummy pasta salad for lunch one day this week and avocado chicken salad (recipe here) another day. Mmmmmm.

Since I am home for the summer most days (I have a big work project that will require me to go in to the office probably one day a week starting Monday), I am really trying to tackle our house! With a baby, it is sooooo easy to let things get messy, simply because there is no time! I feel like the second I clean up, there is another mess within 5.2 seconds. But, I am trying to get better at doing small tasks throughout the day instead of having a huge mess at the end of the week day to contend with. Let's be real for a second, once you throw a baby in the mix, this e-card is your life.

I soooo look forward to our evening family walks around the neighborhood at night. If it is raining and we can't go, I am super bummed. Not only is it sometimes a necessary trip if Wells is getting stir crazy in the house, but it is also a nice time to get some fresh air and chat with Eric (or just do some thinking, if Eric is at work). And you can't beat the view - a handsome guy in a green stroller :)

So, what are your Friday Favorites? Link up with AndreaErika, and Narci to join in the fun!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! But more importantly, it's my last day of work! Oh yes, summer has officially arrived. And it is welcomed with a big ole bear hug from this gal. Here are my Friday Favorites for this week!

Sleeping In
I usually have to wake Wells up when I head to work and to drop him off with my mom. But this week we didn't have to come in until 9am, so we got to sleep in a little more. It has felt great to catch a little bit more shut-eye, and I hope that this will continue into summer!

Parenting Adventures
I seriously have learned so much since becoming a parent - with one of the most important lessons being that you have to just laugh at the crazy situations that your sweet little ones put you in. Case in point: While out to dinner with my parents Monday night, Wells had a little...ahem...mishap. You know the kind. The up-the-back, all-over-the-outfit kind of mishap. Since he was already wearing his "spare" outfit, we had no choice but to bring him out of the restroom in only his diaper (luckily this all happened at the end of dinner, so we were already about to leave). Here he is doing the walk of shame, covered only with a dinner napkin. Fellow Longhorn Steakhouse patrons may have been confused as to a) why my son was naked, and b) why it appeared we were stealing a cloth napkin (don't worry, we gave it to the hostess at the door).

Oh, the shame :)

A Sun-kissed Glow
Due to our daily walks as well as our frequent (albeit usually short, at least when it's just Wells and me by ourselves), trips to the neighborhood pool, my skin has gotten some much needed color. I always put sunscreen on Wells, but I only put it on me if we are going to be out for a while. I have slowly worked up a pretty nice little glow without even trying. Score.

Kiddie Pool
I have mentioned that we love going to the neighborhood pool, but we also purchased a plastic kiddie pool the other day for the little ones to use at the Memorial Day cookout we hosted at our house. It was a hit with all the sweet babies! I filled it up Wednesday afternoon for Wells to play in, and he was pretty content to sit and play for about 30-45 minutes. Winning! This will be really nice to have on summer days when I don't feel like leaving the house. $10 well spent I'd say! 

Baby Pool Partayyy!

Father's Day
I know Father's Day is still a few weeks off, but I am really excited! Last year, Wells was two days old (the day we were discharged from the hospital, actually) on Father's Day. Honestly we were so busy and in love with our new little guy that it didn't feel much like Father's Day in the traditional sense. So, I am excited to get Eric a present and celebrate him being such a great Daddy to our boy. PS, I might have to make one of these bow tie cards, because seriously. How cute?

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

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What we're eating this week:
This week's meals have so far included delicious hamburgers & hot dogs (Memorial Day cookout), this sweet garlic chicken, and tacos. I am planning to make a crockpot pasta dish tomorrow, and one of our family favorites - Shay's Sausage & Corn Chowder - on Friday night. Saturday we will be eating at some of our friends' house.

What I'm reminiscing about:
Being pregnant. Haha! We are not trying for another baby quite yet, but whenever I see a pregnant woman, I always wish I was pregnant too :) I had a very easy pregnancy (other than kidney stones!), which I am very thankful for, and I truly just LOVED being pregnant.

I do miss that bump!

What I'm loving:
That it's summer!!!!! ...well sort of. I have to finish out this week of Professional Development (at the beach tomorrow & Friday, so can't complain there), and then I am free!

What we've been up to:
We had a really busy weekend, with Eric's family in town Saturday and Sunday, and then we hosted a cookout on Memorial Day. Lots of fun, for sure. But I was happy to relax afterward :)

What I'm dreading:
More teething (for Wells, of course)! Wells has cut 8 teeth in like 6 weeks! Like. whoa. He has two molars left to go, and I know they'll be making their appearance soon. He really is a champ for having cut SO MANY teeth in such a short time, but it is obviously painful for him. No fun to see your baby not feeling well.

What I'm working on:
Still in major party planning mode. Wells' 1st Birthday Fiesta is 17 days away, people! I have so much left to do. So. Stinking. Much.

What I'm excited about:
Our summer vacation! We are going to the beach for a week with Eric's family in July. With this being Eric's first summer not being a teacher, he is obviously not off for the summer like we have grown accustomed to :( I am really looking forward to a whole week of spending some quality time with that handsome guy. Last year, Wells was only a month old when we went on the family beach trip...my, how time flies!

At the beach last year. Look at that tiny fella!

What I'm watching:
One of my favorite shows to watch lately (although, I watch it online, not on TV - I can't stay up that late anymore!) is The Tonight Show. I just love Jimmy Fallon.

What I'm listening to:
The last couple of days I have been listening to the Glee station on Pandora. Listen to it and try not to sing along. Spoiler alert: you can't do it.

What I'm wearing:
A little as I can legally get away with. Haha! Just kidding, but the Savannah heat (and humidity) is in full swing, folks!

What I'm doing this weekend:
I don't think we have plans Friday night, which I am soooo fine with! We have a birthday party on Saturday and are then eating with some friends that night. Sunday looks like the usual: church, lunch with my parents, relaxing at home, and then small group.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
While I am excited for Wells to hit the milestone of 1 year (and to celebrate with our favorite people), at the same time, I am sooooo sad! My sweet boy is not a little baby anymore :(

How will this little camera-snatcher be a whole year old next month?!

What else is new:
My job situation. I will be writing a post about it soon to give all the details. We had to make a major decision that was not an easy one, but I am overall really excited about it.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments

I am linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday. This week's edition is all about sharing your "momfessional" moments. Basically, it's a time to confess the shameless/embarrassing/crazy things you do or have experienced as a mother.  Yeah, I think it's safe to say I've got a few to contribute in the 11 months I've been a mama...but, before you read on, you better go ahead and promise not to judge!!! ;)

1. Anyone who has known me for half a second knows that I am perpetually late. I don't even like being on time or early somewhere; it just feels weird. Anyway, since having Wells, I now always blame being late on him...even though I'm still usually the reason for said tardiness. Poor guy. 

2. I try my absolute hardest to get Wells in bed no later than 8:15 on Wednesday nights (even though that is earlier than his usual bedtime) because that is the one night of the week I watch TV. No shame in this game. 

3. I have no qualms about changing a diaper in public. Disney World, the zoo, the outdoor bench in front of Cracker Barrel? Check, check, and check. Now look, if it's a stinky diaper, I don't usually do it out in the open. But if he needs a quick change-a-roo, you better believe I am doing it then and there on the spot. Ain't nobody got time to lug the baby and the supplies all the way to the nearest bathroom. That's why the stroller leans back anyway, right?

4. I was that mom who said my child would not watch TV at a young age. Guess who has a DVD player in the car now? I still do limit the time that Wells watches stuff, but I mainly use it for longer trips in the car, when he is just done. And boy LOVES him some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.

5. If Wells was not such a good eater (as in, he will eat anything you put in front of him), I would be concerned that last night, he was in such a weird, sleepy mood from missing his nap that he would not eat anything but baby cheese curls for dinner. 'Tis the dinner of champions, my friends.

6. On the same note as #5, Wells has been known to drink sweet tea on occasion and eat a bite (or 5) of our desserts. Who am I to deny him of the yummy stuff in life?? As long as he eats his real food, I don't mind at all.

7. Wells sleeps with a pillow and blanket in his crib. I am such a smothery, hovering kind of mother that I really can't believe I budged on this one. But Wells likes cushion when he sleeps. He has always slept like a champ in our bed for naps, so I have always recreated that setting in his crib. There are one or two blankets underneath the fitted sheet to give him some squishyness. And he sleeps with his head on his pillow clutching his little muslin blanket. 

8. On more than one occasion, I have forgotten to re-hook my nursing bra after a feed or pumping session. One of these times might have been in front of the church during Wells' dedication. Don't worry, no one noticed (and it isn't obvious in pictures, either. Ha!).

9. If Wells is being a crazy person on an evening when Eric is working the night-shift (leaving me without a partner to wrangle/entertain/distract the child), we get in the car and head to McDonald's. Wells calms down by watching the aforementioned car DVD player, and mama gets a large sweet tea....and I may drive reallllllly slowly on the way back. We both feel better afterwards and are about 30 minutes closer to bedtime. Win/win. Some nights are just like that.

10. I will leave you with this fine motherhood moment...Last week as we were walking out the door to head to work (and drop-off to Grandma), someone had a diaper explosion. After changing his diaper and clothes, we were all set to go. Fast forward about 3 hours. While looking in the bathroom mirror at work, I realized that there were some, ahem, remains of the explosion on my WHITE shirt. Like a large, very noticeable stain...obviously where I had been holding Wells on my hip. Luckily, I had a sweater in my office, which I promptly threw on (although it was approx. 90 degrees outside that day).

Well, there you have it. Motherhood. It is seriously the best, funniest, hardest, most exhausting, but hands-down most rewarding job on the planet. It is nice to remember that none of us have it all together, though! I know I need that reminder on the regular. 

The cute face behind every "momfessional" moment.

Hope to hear all your momfessional moments - head to the link-up now!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci!

Birthday Planning
Well, this is actually a love/hate thing. I hate that my baby will be one in less than a month (Wells' 11 month update here). But I am loving planning his fiesta-themed party. Finally got all of the invites made! They are little tacos (here is the inspiration)!!!! The pictures are horrible quality, but you get the idea. They took me forever to cut and write, but overall, me gusta!

Summer Lovin'
It feels like summer, y'all! It's H-O-T outside. The pools are open. School is almost out. It just feels like summer is here. I am ready for popsicles and beach trips and tan lines. But, with a more relaxed summer work schedule (I work at a school), comes this...

This View
This sight was a favorite from this week. I was cooking dinner, and when I looked through the kitchen window, I saw my sweet boy reading quietly. This week he has been obsessed with his books. He sits and points at the pictures and talks ("reads"). It is too much for me to handle.

Well, we are off to another busy weekend. My sister's boyfriend's birthday dinner tonight, a birthday party tomorrow night, maybe a trip to a large children's consignment sale, and the usual church events on Sunday (oh, and piles of laundry, obvs). 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wells is ELEVEN Months!

There is no way in this world that the next monthly update I do will be for a ONE YEAR OLD. Wells, please let this last month of your first year go by sloooooooowly. Better yet, could you just stay my little baby for maybe, well, forever? Sigh...

Well, this was hands-down the toughest monthly photo shoot we've done. This kid would not be still! Climbing up the chair, turning around, grabbing the curtains, you name it! Here's the best I could do! Haha.

Weighs: We haven't been to the doctor this month (HALLELUJAH! No more ear infections!!), so I am not sure. If I had to make a guess, I'd say about 23 lbs.

Sleeps: I wish I could say that this month  has brought about full nights of sleep...but that would be a big fat lie. Wells still wakes up at least once a night (but usually twice). In fact, if he wakes up only once, I consider it a good night. Quite a few times this month, he has woken up and been ready to party. Like, talking and smiling and playing...at 3 or 4am. Excuse me, child? Please.Just.No.

Eats: Yeah, not slowing down on the eating front. This child can put a hurtin' on some food. He chows down at meal time. Let me sum it up with this: The other day we had to order an extra pack of nuggets for him at Chic-fil-a. Yes, you read that right. He has reached the point that he eats so much of mine or Eric's meals at restaurants that we usually have to get something extra for him. I am starting to be able to tell what his real favorites are now when it comes to food. He really likes yogurt. And boy LOVES meat...he is his father's child.

Wears: Wells wears anywhere from 9mo to 18mo clothes. He is still in a size 3 diaper, but I think we'll be moving into a 4 soon.

Plays: With each passing month, he gets more and more fun when it comes to playing. He is such a busy body! He is pulling up on everything and crawling all over the place. He has started going into the church nursery this month because he can't sit still (and stay quiet!) for that long anymore. He likes to throw a ball. He LOVES the pool! We have been a couple of times since our neighborhood pool opened, and he goes all over in his little whale float. He now points at everything! It is something that he just started doing about a week or so ago, and it is too cute!

Milestones: Wells has done so many new things this month that I think I need to use bullet points! :)

  • In one month, Wells has gotten SIX new teeth! At his 10-month update, he had only his 2 bottom teeth. Now he has 8! Insane.
  • Crawling!!!!! Finally! I was convinced that Wells would skip crawling and go straight to walking, but he surprised me a few weeks ago, He started off slow and only really moving when he wanted something far away. Now he crawls lightning fast and all over the place!
  • He is now a high five-ing machine! 
  • Not really a milestone, but he does the funniest and cutest thing at church now. Eric usually raises his hand during worship, and Wells does the same when Eric holds him while we are singing. It is so stinking funny. 
  • He is observing soooooo much! He put my keys up to the doorknob the other day as if to unlock it. He held his cup up to the refrigerator like he was getting an ice and water refill like he sees me do. And he now puts my debit card up to the card reader machine when we are checking out at the store. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Haps Lately

We have had a lot going on lately! Thus, the blog absence :) In case you're just dying to know what we've been up to, here's the haps (do I sound super cool when I say that?) with the Hankins lately:

Our neighborhood pool just opened up a couple of weeks ago so we took Wells on Friday He had so much fun! He has been in a pool on a couple of occasions (at Disney World and at a hotel), but this was his first time in a kiddie pool. It was PERFECT for him! The depth (1 foot) was just right - he walked all over the pool in his new whale float. We brought a couple of balls for him to chase around, and he had a blast. It seriously was just the cutest, and it got me so excited for all of the pool trips we will be taking this summer! 

Birthday Planning
Oh man. I firstly cannot believe that my baby is even old enough for 1st birthday planning to be happening. But secondly, I am starting to stress! I have so much to do to get ready for the party - which is a month from tomorrow! What??? Needless to day, I am going to be consumed with birthday planning for the next 30ish days :)

Being an Adult
Being an adult seriously can be the worst sometimes. Without getting into detail, Eric and I will be in lots of prayer concerning a couple of decisions we need to make in the near future.

Mother's Day
I had a great first Mother's Day! My hubby got me such a thoughtful gift - a picture framed personalized with mine and Wells' names on it that says "First Mother's Day." Inside he put a sweet picture of me and Wells after his first bath at the hospital. I love it. I don't know if Wells has made Eric more sentimental or what, but he has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to heartfelt gifts lately! (On my birthday this year, he wrote me a letter from Wells. I have never read something so sweet, and I cried and cried while reading it.)

Mother's Day 2015

More to Come...
We are at a busy time in life right now! The school where I work is almost out! Woohoo! But there are lots of events and things to do in the short week and a half left. My in-laws are coming in town next weekend, which will be a blast. And then all of the birthday festivities and planning! I am tired just thinking about all of it :)

Monday, May 4, 2015


Linking up with Biana and Meghan!

Eric and I were both home pretty early Friday afternoon. After Wells' nap, we decided to head to the new outlets that just opened up two weeks ago near our house (like, 2 exits from our house close. can you say dan.ger.ous?). This was our 3rd trip since they've been open, but the deals, y'all! They are so good. I got these shorts from Banana Republic for like $12. Don't mind if I do.

And I also got a bathing suit for this summer. I hopped on the high-waisted bikini bandwagon. I decided to try one on just on a whim, and I was a fan! Excited to wear it soon!

Our neighborhood HOA hosted a cookout for the opening of the pool on Saturday. We spent a little while down at the clubhouse, mostly eating free food :) Wells enjoyed a couple of bites of Eric's snowcone. We didn't get in the pool Saturday but I know we will be frequenting it a lot this summer! I spent Saturday afternoon & evening getting my sister ready for her high school's Spring Formal. I did her makeup and took pictures of her and her date. She looked so beautiful and so grown up. Tear.

We had a pretty typical Sunday: church in the morning, out to eat with my parents for lunch, down time at home during the afternoon, and then small group at night.


Another weekend down...only 2 more weekends of the school year left!! Woohoo! So ready for a relaxed summer work schedule and more time at home with my sweet boy. Bring. it. on.