Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's Hap"Pinning" Wednesday

Linking up with Jessi and Jenn for What's Hap"pinning" Wednesday.

And today's post is a whole lot of random.

1. This is Us

Did anyone watch NBC's new show that premiered last night?? I can't remember the last time I saw a teaser for a new show and had that "I've GOT to watch that" feeling. But I certainly have been feeling that way with this one. I assumed that it would come on at 8 or 9pm, leaving me to miss the actual premier and have to watch it today online. BUT, it came on at 10pm! Which means the craziness of bedtime for Wells and Grayer was over, I had time to fix a snack, and I got to watch an hour of kid-free TV. What???????? Anyway, I loved the show and can't wait to continue watching. And that ending? Threw me for a loop! Seriously, just go watch it if you haven't already :)

2. Exciting New Books
And by "exciting new books," I mean for the kiddos. Haha. Hannah Hall, the author of our favorite God Bless series, is coming out with two new books - God Bless My Friends and God Bless Our Baby. I am way too excited. This book series is so perfect for littles and I love them just as much as Wells does :) I keep our holiday/occasion ones in the storage tote with that holiday's home decorations so that we can pull them out and get all kinds of festive! We keep the God Bless Us and Goodnight book out all year though, and it has always been a favorite bedtime read. These books really are perfect for your kids and as gifts for expectant mamas and mama-friends. Check out all of Hannah's books here!

3. Gift Card Excitement
The other day I found two gift cards that must be really old because I cannot even remember when/where/how I got them. One to Starbucks and one to Forever 21 (that's how old they are - I don't even remember the last time I got something from there!), and I am happy to report that I called the 1-800 numbers and they both have balances. Score! It was like Christmas morning over here. It's the little things :)

4. The New House

We are supposed to close on the new house in less than two weeks! We are thrilled, but also we are kind of dreading the month of October because that is when we are doing all of the renos. We are doing the painting ourselves (because we like torture apparently) but having someone else come in to lay the new floors and carpet. We have a couple of other little things to fix as well, as the house was a foreclosure, but nothing too major. We are trying to move in the first of November, so needless to say, October is going to be crazy busy! I am kinda just ready to skip that month and get on with November :) Just saying.


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    1. It was so good! I loved the twist at the end and did NOT see it coming!


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