Monday, September 19, 2016


Linking up with Biana for a little weekend recap :)

Well, Eric is now on full-fledged weekend shifts, which we are actually really liking. He works a long day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and is basically off for the rest of the week (woohoo!). We hate that he is gone so long during the weekend, but it really isn't horrible, and he can usually even be home to catch a late dinner with us. So, we are getting in a lot of family time during the week now, and the boys and I are kind of on our own (and usually spend lots of time with my parents) on the weekends.

Friday, Grayer and I went in to work for a couple of hours, and Wells spent the morning with Grandpa who was off for the day. When we got home, the boys took naps and we played. Then we headed to dinner with my parents at Longhorn. The boys LOVE sweet potatoes, and they scarfed them down. Wells was apparently starving that night and would not quit eating. After dinner, we headed home, and Eric got home soon after. He and Wells went outside to "catch frogs." I hate hate hate frogs, but Wells loves doing this with his Daddy. I am so outnumbered in this house of boys and need this shirt stat!

Wells & Grayer were up early (whyyy?). We had a fun morning playing at the house and then headed to the last day of a local consignment sale. We shopped earlier in the week, but the last day is half-off day. Each of them got a few more items, and I got to buy clothes for my bestie that just found out Friday she is having a GIRL! Finally. an excuse to buy adorable little girl clothes! I love shopping for handsome little outfits for my guys, but oh man, girl clothes are just so ca-ute!

After naps, we headed into Savannah with my parents , sister, and nephew to run a few errands and stop by Hobby Lobby for some fabric for an upcoming project. I made this Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole for dinner, and it was pretty yummy. It is perfect for add-ins, so next time, I think I will probably add black beans and more seasonings like cumin and coriander.

We finished the night with playtime with Daddy and then my sister came over to spend the night.

We spent the morning at church and then spent the afternoon at the 4th birthday party of a very close family friend. Wells was worn out after that, and we came home for a low-key afternoon/evening of naps, playing, and bath time before Eric got home. I watched a little bit of the Emmys in between Eric flipping through football games, and we called it a night. Grayer is now wanting to stand when he plays, and I snapped this picture of he and Wells playing at our coffee table last night (Wells' hair was obviously not brushed down after his bath. haha!).

Another weekend in the books!

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  1. Oh my gosh that recipe looks amazing!! Thanks for linking up girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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