Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Some Pinspiration: Train Toddler Room

Lord willing, we will be closing on our new house next Monday. #canyousaypraisehandsemoji We are looking to move in the first week of November after all painting and flooring has been done.

Me and Pinterest have been BFFS as I think about revamping some of our current rooms and decorations upon moving. I have a lot of new stuff I want to do in pretty much every room, and I know it will be a slow process instead of an overnight entire home remodel (which is what's happening in my head. ha!). One room that I really do want to go ahead and makeover right away is Wells' room. His current nursery has a safari-theme with pretty neutral colors.

I loved decorating his room so much. Lately, though he is all about trains (is there a two-year-old boy who isn't?). And I thought that starting with a blank slate would be the best time to give him a new "big boy" room. I will most likely keep his bedding since it's very neutral and easy to accessorize. I am not looking to spend a lot of money on this, and I feel pretty confident that by keeping his staple pieces like his crib (which we will convert to a toddler bed upon moving), dresser, shelves, and overall color scheme, I can dress it up train-style at very little cost (music to my hubby's ears!).

Here is some of the inspiration for the train room:

LOVE this train storage idea because it not only serves a purpose but looks great, too!

This sign is just too dang adorable and so perfect...and may need to become our new goodnight phrase, stat!

You can't have a train room without a railroad crossing sign. When I saw this one that doubles as a clothing/hat rack, I fell in love. My dad is somewhat of a woodworker (and totall feeds into Wells' train obsession on the daily), so what better person to undertake this DIY project?! :)

How adorable is this print?!

And lastly, this rolling, under-the-bed train table is awesome!

I am so excited to redo Wells' room and can't wait to see his face when he sees it all! Side note: Sweet Grayer's nursery will stay the same because he's only 8 months old and I feel like I just decorated it. Ha! Also, the room we are planning to use for Wells' room is a little bigger than Grayer's because when we have another baby (not a pregnancy announcement!), we plan to move Grayer into Wells' room. A shared room will be perfect for them because they are only 19 months apart. So, I think a train room will work really well for a shared room down the road :)

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  1. My son is four, and still really into trains, too. I love that train sign. So cute! The under the bed train table is a great idea, too. We just inherited the Pottery Barn train table from my cousin and I am loving it. I really contemplated putting it in our living room, but settled on the play room. It's so nice to have a place to store all of his trains and cars. Out of sight, out of mind!

    1. I know! I am ready to move and get those trains out of our living room and into a playroom or his bedroom :)

  2. So fun! I've been holding off on watching This Is Us as I didn't think I needed another TV show, but I'm hearing so many good things I just might add it to the DVR


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