Thursday, September 22, 2016

Confessional Thursday / Try It Thursday

Linking up for with Danielle for Confessional Thursday and Allie for Try It Thursday :)

Today, I confess...

- I have been much more intentional about doing laundry regularly instead of letting it build up into completely unmanageable mountains. However, folding said laundry is an entirely different story.

- I went running for the first time in on Monday...and then that night, I ate 2 ice cream cones. #itscalledbalance

- I am one of those people that cannot follow the rules for how long you are supposed to throw out your contacts. So, I never reorder new contacts within the year time frame that your prescription is good for. I always pass the year (or two year. ahem) mark and have to go in for another exam and then order more. Why do I never learn??? Needless to say, I am on my last pair and protecting them with my life...and still have yet to make an eye appointment.

- More times that not, I completely forget to brush Wells' hair when we leave the house. He has curly hair that won't stay maintained for long after being styled anyway, but still, I have got to get it together! Me forgetting to brush it before we leave the house usually leads to me at our destination pouring the water from my water bottle into my hands and then wetting and finger-combing his mane until it is somewhat presentable. We keep it classy like that.

I actually did brush Wells' hair this day, but by that afternoon, it was a hot mess again. Love those curls though.
- I absolutely HATE frogs. Like, I both really dislike them and am deathly afraid of them. As I mentioned earlier this week, we are in an apartment for about 2 months after selling our house and before our new house is ready. Well, apparently frogs really love our apartment building. They gather around the stairs as soon as the sun goes down. I have had to remind myself more than once to keep a really good hold on Grayer's carrier (while also keeping a hand on Wells) while climbing the stairs and not to drop him or fall down the stairs if a frog gets brave and approaches me. It's a problem.

- My hair life is sad. Grayer is almost 8-months now, which means my postpartum hair loss has been over for a while, but the regrowth stage is in full swing. I have hairs growing all around my hairline that are long enough to be noticeable but short enough that they won't lay down. I have carried and delivered two babies, and the hair regrowth stage is by far my least favorite part/side effect of pregnancy - yes even the labor part. I didn't have an epidural with Grayer, and I would still rather do that than deal with these baby hairs. Not joking one bit.

- Lastly, I confess that I was embarrassingly late to the avocado toast trend. Which makes no sense because I have mad love for both avocados and bread. So for today's Try It Thursday link-up, I am sharing my favorite (and simplest ever) add-on to the delicious breakfast dish...ready for it? Everything Bagel Spice Blend. Yep, it takes your avo-toast to a whole new level. I also add scrambled eggs to mine, but it's the spice blend that makes my taste buds do a little dance.

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  1. I love avocado toast. Definitely one of my favorites. My hair was awful after I had my girls. It was fine at first, but once I stopped pumping, it fell out in clumps. It is still growing back. I forget to brush my girls hair all the time. Ooops.


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