Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wells: A Snapshot at 2 Years and 3 Months

I wanted to document a little bit about our sweet big boy and what he's up to these days :) He is a barrel of laughs, and I want to make sure that I write it all down so I can look back one day and remember the little things.

Wells is seriously the funniest kid I know. He loves making us laugh and adds so much fun into every moment. He puts on a funny voice (all scratchy and low) at times just in an effort to be goofy. He also likes to let out high-pitched squeals randomly just for kicks. He thinks it is hilarious to smell his feet and say "shooooooo-eeeeeeeeeey!" #allboy

He is still OBSESSED with trains. He wants to play with his trains all day long. And if he is not playing trains, he is singing about them (Mother Goose Alphabet Train anyone? Google it. It will be stuck in your head permanently.), listening for them (we live in a port city - lots of trains), or watching videos about them. He will literally sit and watch the most boring videos of trains chugging down a track or even toy train reviews. If there's a train in it, he'll watch it.

He is such a good big brother. It seems like each day, he gets even better and sweeter at it, too. He loves Grayer and will sometimes do loving stuff for him - like share his blankie or a toy train with him if he is crying. He always says "Hey Grayer (Gray is what he calls him, actually)" in the sweetest voice when he comes up to him. Grayer thinks Wells is the funniest, most entertaining person on the planet. Watching them together, even at such young ages, is so much fun. Their bond is already strong, and it brings me to happy tears to think about what good friends they are going to be.

Wells started his 2-year-old preK program a couple of weeks ago. We are friends with his teacher, which helps my mama heart be more at ease :) He only goes two days a week (for a 3-hour day) while I am at work with Grayer, but he really seems to be enjoying it. He loves music class, snack, outside playtime, and of course playing with the big train toy in the classroom.  His teacher says he hides it in the closet when he's done playing so no one else can get it. #ofcoursehedoes

Wells finally got his second hair cut. His hair is still super curly. We got it trimmed before his first day of school, and Eric almost died. He loves Wells' long hair (he said, "I'm bald, so I have to live through Wells' hair." Ha!) and had a rough time parting with it. It has already grown back a lot and is still a hot, curly mess if we don't style it before leaving the house.

We back-tracked on the pacifier. In his 2-year update, we were pacifier free! But then he kept stealing Grayer's paci, and we gave in. He isn't overly attached to it right now and he doesn't have it at all when he's at school, so I am thinking we can break him of it pretty easy again.

He loves singing. He will sing songs in the car that come on the radio, and it is my favorite! I have always taught him nursery rhymes/songs, and he really enjoys singing them as well. He has become quite a hummer too - which is so funny and cute. His favorite songs right now are The Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, and the Alphabet Train. Also, honorable mention go to "Ride" by Twentyone Pilots and "What You Came Here For" by Rihanna. He always sings these two if they come on the radio :)

He can sing his ABCs (and point out many of the letters) and can count to 10 and recognize all of the numbers and point to them. He knows his shapes, and he also knows his colors. He is such a smart little thing with a great memory!

Potty training is going pretty well. Except that we are never home long enough to be consistent. He will go pee-pee in the potty on command and sometimes he will just tell us out of the blue that he wants to go. But when we put him in his "big boy undies," we would constantly have to ask him if he needed to go. And then if we didn't ask him, he would have an accident. So, we have just been staying in diapers but still using the potty. I know that we really need to start cracking down here soon and being more consistent. So, hopefully by the next update, he will be potty trained :)

The boy is still a big time eater! He can put away some food! Pizza is still nearest to his heart. He is back to loving broccoli (he boycotted it for a little while) and has started to enjoy more fruits than just the standard apple and banana. This summer he became a fan of watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries. One of his new favorite snacks is raw carrots with ranch dressing. He is all about some ice cream. And he prefers it in a cone (or straight out of the carton thankyouverymuch). If eating straight out of the carton with Eric (yep. I definitely live in an all-boy home), he will go to the utensil drawer and get out a HUGE serving spoon. He will say "big spoon" and bring it right over to the carton and help himself. We have no idea why or how he started doing this, but we think it's pretty darn funny that he does not deem a normal size spoon appropriate for ice cream eating.

Wells is talking up a storm. He has gotten much more polite over the last couple of months, too, and will say "thanks" without prompting at times. He says it so sweetly, and it melts my heart. If he is feeling especially lovey, he will say "hold you" to be picked up. He repeats words and phrases all the time. He is like a little parrot. One of my favorite phrases of his is "Grayer's up." He says it so matter of factly when he hears Grayer cry when waking in the morning or from a nap. It cracks me up. He is at the stage right now where he says "Mommy" or "Daddy" about 3000 times a day to get our at the beginning of every single sentence :) He likes to say "watch this" now to get your attention!

He is quite the little helper right now. When Eric takes out the trash, Wells takes a small grocery bag of trash out with him. The other day, he tried to lift the huge diaper bag on our way out the door so he could "help Mommy." Love his sweet spirit.

He knows that his Daddy's name is Eric. Because every now and then he will just bust out with "Eriiiic" when talking to or calling him. Apparently he has heard me call his name way too much! Ha!

He is still a huge fan of being outside. He would stay out all day if we would let him. His newest fun hobby is catching frogs outside with Eric (disgusting.). He loves wrestling with Eric all throughout the house. He also started playing with his diner/kitchen a little bit more in the last couple of months and will ask us to "kook" with him.

Current Favorites:
Show - Thomas the Tank Engine has been his jam lately. He will watch that over all else. But he will still watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other kids shows if they happen to be on.
Snack - Probably chips. He gets it honest from his carb-loving mother. He always requests fruit snacks, too.
Book - We've read The Little Red Caboose approximately 4 billion times in the last couple months. Railroad Hank is still a favorite too.
Toy/Activity - You guessed it...trains! His trains are his most prized possessions. And wrestling with Daddy is a favorite activity too :)

We love this kid so much and can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is such a joy to us, and we can't imagine life without this rambunctious, lovable toddler of ours!

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