Monday, September 26, 2016


Linking up with Biana for a little weekend recap :)

This weekend flew by! Monday is here, and I'm all:

Here's some of what we did the last few days...

Wells and I made this Fall wreath. I cut out some leaves out of scrap paper I had in my craft supplies. Then Wells stuck the leaves onto the paper plate ring, and voila! My new favorite fall decoration...and not just because Eric put my box of decorations in storage during the move (even though I specifically stated numerous times, "this box does not go into storage." #sigh).

We took a couple of walks and visited a playground. 

We played lots of trains. Side note: Not to toot my own horn, but mama's getting pretty good at this whole train track assembling thing! It took me a while, but I've got the swing of it now and can make some pretty mean routes :) #itsaboymomthing

Grayer practiced some crawling (unhappily). 

And we did a little cleaning, too. He loves helping vacuum. I wish I got as excited about it as he does.

Like almost every Saturday, we took a trip to Sams Club. We always get lunch when we go because you just can't beat a pizza slice as big as your face and a drink for $2.50. Wells was dazzled by the Christmas trees they had out, and now I really can't wait for all of the excitement this Christmas season. He is going to be such a fun age this year! Grayer will be fun, too, but in more of an I-just-want-to-eat-the-wrapping-paper-off-my-presents kinda way :)

We had our traditional Sunday dinner at my Granny's house after church, and my dad took Wells to see a train a few cities over. Wells is obsessed with trains, and he and Grandpa always go off in search for one around our hometown (we live in a port city, so they are everywhere). But there is an old train that he has been wanting to take him to see, so they went after lunch on Sunday. And Grandpa even took pictures! :)

I wrote a "snapshot" post for Wells (Grayer's monthly post will be up later this week when he turns 8 months!), and we finished the night with more playing when Daddy got home. It was a pretty lowkey weekend but an enjoyable one nonetheless. This will be our last somewhat normal week, as we close on the new house next Monday (if all goes as planned!) and then we start a month full of painting and renovations!     


  1. Your boys are so precious!!! Seeing your train made me have the sweetest memories of when my son was a little train guy. Of course...I double stick taped that thing to the train table with the thick foam stuff because I got tired of reassembling it...LOL Good job coming up with new routes!!!


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