Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Finally linking up (with Andrea, Erika, & Narci) again for Friday Favorites today! #itsbeenaminute

Oh, man. It has been crazy town around these parts lately! We sold our house and moved into an apartment while we wait to close and do renos on our new house. Fingers crossed that our closing date of Oct. 3rd will stay as is and that we will be in the new house the first week of November! I honestly feel like I haven't had time to breathe lately, but let's see if I can round up a few favorites.

1. Date Night

Me and my hubby got to actually go out on a date on Wednesday! What what??? The babies went to church with Grandma, and we hit up Vic's on the River for dinner. I had been for lunch a few years ago and Eric had never been, and we definitely enjoyed the meal! We chose the Poached Pear & Blue Cheese Salad for a starter, and Oh.My.Lanta. It was delish! We are big blue cheese/gorgonzola cheese fans, and I will definitely be recreating this salad at home. Funny story: Eric is not a nut fan. After he all but licked his salad plate clean, I said, "You even ate the pecans?! (they were chopped very fine)." He was like "There were pecans in there?" He was blinded by the deliciousness! Ha!

2. Preschool

This was Wells' third (I think) week of 2-year-old preschool. We signed him up for just a 2-day week, and they only meet for 3 hours a day, which I think is the perfect length for that age. He is LOVING school, and I am loving that he is loving it. Taking his train lunchbox is his favorite (I love his rocket backpack too!). My boy has a big appetite, so I always pack him like 4 different snacks to choose from :)

3. Flooring
Okay, this one is a love/hate really. We are picking out flooring for the new house, which is fun! Filling out paperwork for contractors and lenders is not so fun. We are going with a gray wood for the main living areas, kitchen, and bathroom. I am pumped about the floors! Eric wants to stick with carpet in the bedrooms, so we picked that, too (not as fun as floors :)).

4. New House Ideas
I am pinning like a madwoman with decor ideas for the new house. I am so excited to refresh some of our current rooms and decor when we move. We have an extra outdoor playground slide that I am really wanting to incorporate into the playroom. How cool would this be? Wells would love it (and Grayer, too, once he's old enough)! Plans here.

5. Consignment Sales
Twice a year, there is a really great local consignment sale that I participate in. I used to just shop at it, but the last 3 times, I have consigned items as well. If you consign, you get to shop two days earlier than the public! This week was the sale and I scored some really great items for the boys! I also volunteered for the first time at the sale, which allowed me to shop an hour earlier than other consignors! I felt like a VIP and was happy to get my hands on some really good stuff! Saturday is their half-priced day, so I will more than likely head back over to see what's left and get it for a steal :) Here are my spoils so far!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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