Monday, November 14, 2016


Please excuse the blogging absence - we've been out of town since Thursday and the house we were staying in had no wifi (and I was not about to pen a blog post on my phone #notthatdedicated #alsonotthatpatient).

So since I've been gone a while, here is a little Weekending mixed with a Life Lately kind of post.

Last week was a kind of crazy one. We had a lot of stuff going on with work (both mine and Eric's jobs, actually) that threw our schedules way off!

I posted Tuesday about our voting experience, so we'll pick up at Wednesday, which was pretty boring and consisted mostly of doing laundry, dinner/church that night, and packing &preparing to go out of town the next morning.

My little sister is a senior in high school and is planning to attend Toccoa Falls College, my alma mater and the place Eric and I met almost 10 (!) years ago. This weekend was a scholarship weekend at the college, and since Eric was not working, we volunteered to take her for my parents. We are always happy to visit Toccoa, see friends, and of course enjoy the beautiful fall scenery in the mountains.

We left Thursday morning for the 5ish hour trip, and both boys did pretty well. We got to the college and got Ashley all checked in. Then we headed to the waterfall on campus to show Wells. He was in awe and kept asking all weekend to go see it again.

We ate in the dining hall that night. It was a little different than the hundreds of meals we shared together in the caf during college since we now had two little ones to feed, too. I mean, check out the number of plates, bowls, and napkins we acquired! Ha!

We went to a few minutes of the chapel service that night to hear the worship music. It was a great blast from the past, as we always loved the praise music at chapel, and I sang on one of the teams for 2 of the years we were at TFC. I looked over to see this during the worship.


After chapel, we left Ashley (she was staying in the dorms) and headed to the mountain home that belongs to my college roommate's family. We love the house and are always so thankful that they let us stay there. We got unpacked, played, ate snacks, and called it a night!

The next day, we headed back to the college and had lunch, attended two of the parent sessions, and spent some time with a friend we went to school with. Ashley headed back to the house with us, and my college roommate joined us later that night as well. We had a great time catching up.

Saturday we attempted family pictures. And it didn't go very well. I think we got mayyyyybe 4 acceptable photos out of it! Grayer caught a cold, so we were wiping his red little nose constantly; Wells was, as usual, not at all interested in posing for pictures; and I was basically a nervous wreck the whole time since we were on the top of a mountain with a crawling baby and adventurous toddler. Later that afternoon we got to catch up with some more friends and see their new baby; then we grabbed dinner at a Japanese restaurant before heading back up to the cabin.

-----> Totally random, but since we were on the topic of Japanese food, I saw this Pin and reallllllly want to make this California Roll Sushi Bowl.

How delicious does that look?? And way easier than homemade sushi.

Sunday morning was spent enjoying breakfast, soaking in the last few minutes with my college roomie, and getting loaded up in the car. Overall, the trip was great, and we are thankful that we got to see friends and enjoy a little weekend getaway.

This week is another busy one, and I am already tired. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. We are headed to Tennessee for it, so I will be spending lots of this week getting our stuff prepped, packed, and ready to head out for another trip. Mamas, how do our babies and children require so much stuff to travel?? I feel like it takes 3 years to pack up all of their stuff, and then I end up throwing my stuff into a suitcase last minute. Whenever my husband complains that we are running behind schedule, I ever so kindly remind him that he packed his stuff, while I packed stuff for three people - plus any items of his that I know he will forget :) And all the mamas said "AMEN!"

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I've always wanted to learn to make sushi, but I'm not that patient! I might could handle that sushi bowl, though!!

  3. Awe, that's so exciting that she'll be going where you went. I just visited Toccoa Falls last month for the first time. I live an hour north of Atlanta and we love driving to the North Georgia mountains to explore trails. My sister had been to Toccoa before, so she took me after our morning hike and it was so beautiful!

    1. The north GA mountains are so gorgeous. My husband and I go back every chance we get! Glad you got to see the falls! :)


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