Thursday, November 17, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

Confession time!! Pull up a seat, grab a coffee, and prepare to feel better about yourself :)

- This first confession is two-fold. Part 1: I just had cookie butter for the first time this week (I know. I know.). I saw a jar of pumpkin spice cookie butter on clearance at our grocery store and decided to give it a shot. Which leads me to part 2: I have been eating it straight out of the jar. Partly because it's that good, and partly because I don't know what I am supposed to eat it on. #cookiebutterincompetent
Suggestions? :)

- This morning I got ready in the boys' bathroom because they were on that side of the house. It wasn't until I realized something felt funny that I noticed I was brushing my teeth with Wells' toothbrush. Oops.

- Many responsibilities were shirked this week as I tried to get a free minute whenever I could to finish reading Killing Lincoln. I picked up Killing Reagan at the library yesterday, and because I have way too much to do, I am making myself wait to start reading it until we travel to Tennessee next week.

- The snack I sent for Wells to school this morning consisted of apples and pretzels accompanied with a huge glob of caramel dip. Oh, and also, fruit snacks. His teachers will no doubt thank me later.

- I should not take enjoyment in my children's suffering, but sometimes I can't help it. I snapped this picture of Grayer after I put a winter hat on his head. This was really his first time wearing one since he was a newborn, and he was not loving it. He cried, tried to take it off, and then pouted. #notamused

- Grayer will have been 9 months for 3 weeks tomorrow. I have yet to post his 9-month update. I have it written; I have taken the pictures; I just haven't uploaded them yet. The struggle.

- I confess that I am so over all these anti-Trump protests. I do not care if you voted for Trump or Hillary (or, like me, voted for someone else) - can you please just be an adult? Honestly. Cry rooms and therapy and cancelled classes for college students?? You have got to be kidding me. I am trying to teach my 2-year-old that throwing tantrums is ugly (#Southernparentingword) and does not earn him his way. I wish someone would have taught these kids (and the adults acting like kids) this lesson, too.

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  1. I always see Cookie Butter at Trader Joe's & think it looks good, but like you, never knew what to eat it on, so I haven't bought it. Maybe apples or Ritz crackers?? It sounds good straight, though!!
    My husband is reading Killing Lincoln right now & is hooked, too! I didn't know there was a Reagan. He said wants to read Kennedy & Jesus, too.
    I totally agree about the Trump rallies. Perfectly said!!

    1. Maybe I'll try it on apples! Crackers might be good, too! Killing Kennedy was the first one I read, and it got me hooked. Now I want to read them all. :)

  2. I still haven't tried cookie butter either. But I think they would be good on vanilla wafers or apples. My girls would have loved the snack you sent in. And I adore that picture of Grayer

    1. Vanilla wafers - hadn't thought of that! Wells reported back that he loved the snack :) Thanks for reading!


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