Monday, November 21, 2016


This weekend was a rollercoaster! It started off great, with fun family time...and it ended with an awful cold and cough for Wells. Boooo. Hopefully after a doctor visit this afternoon, we can get him some meds to start feeling better before all the Thanksgiving festivities this week.

Anyway, long story short (I am sure I will post in more detail later), Eric went back to teaching last week after about a 2-year career in aerospace. An opportunity opened up at a really great school in a really great district, and we are super excited. Aerospace is just not a stable industry right now, so we knew it was time to call it off. I think Eric is going to love being back in the classroom, and we are thankful that he got a position at this particular school. All that to say, he is no longer working weekend shift. Weekend shift did have its perks, but I am happy to have him home at more normal hours now :)

We had a pretty normal Friday, and the boys and I took lunch to my mom at work and ate with her in her classroom. Wells always loves visiting my mom at school because he gets to play at the "centers." After naps and playtime, Eric got home and we headed to dinner with my parents at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I don't know when I will ever learn to put Wells in play clothes when we go there because we always leave with about a pound of queso slathered on his entire outfit. When are they old enough to learn to scrape the excess cheese off of their chip before bringing it to their mouth??? Ha! The chip is really just a vessel for the cheese anyway...maybe I should just give him a spoon. Might be less messy!

I had to catch up on some hours at work on Saturday. so the boys spent some time playing with cousins who were at my parents' house. Eric was cutting my parents lawn for them, and then he took the boys home for naps while I finished up. It was about this time that I could tell Wells was getting a pretty nasty cold/cough. I had planned to take him to the doctor Monday so that we could get some meds in his system (if needed) before we head out of town for Thanksgiving.

That night we ate Hula Joes. If you haven't pinned this recipe, do it NOW. They are so yummy and super easy. #winwin

Since Eric is now back on a normal work schedule, we finally went back to our church this Sunday. I had been going to my parents' church (where I grew up) while he was working because it was much easier having help with both boys on my own. We still attended a small group at our church, but we felt totally out of the loop missing the normal Sunday morning service. After church, we headed to my granny's house for lunch. The boys took late naps at home and then we headed to a chili cook-off at our church. Wells was definitely going downhill at this point.

He was so whiny and cranky and just not feeling good. We got home, gave him a breathing treatment, put Vicks Vapor Rub on his feet (if you haven't heard of doing that for a nighttime cough, look it up! It really works...usually.), and gave him his own little cup of "coffee" - which was really just warm tea with honey to soothe his throat. He went to bed and coughed allllllllllll night. It was so sad. He woke up a few times and cried out. We finally just brought him to our bed and let him sleep with us. I called the doctor first thing this morning and they are booked until walk-in hours at 5pm. So, poor buddy has to wait a little while longer to start feeling better. We are praying that he can feel better before we head to TN to see Eric's family and also that Grayer doesn't get whatever he's got.

We are super busy this week. Eric has a test for his new job that he is taking on Wednesday. Then after his test we are heading to Tennessee. So, that means I have a whole lot of laundry, cleaning, and packing to do with a sick toddler, the most energetic 10-month-old ever, and a hubby who is studying every free second he has. Basically, I'm ready for it to be Thursday already...and this shirt sums up how I'm gonna feel that day :)

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  1. Congrats to Eric on his new job! I hope it's exactly the right fit for him!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! We are hopeful that he is right where he belongs!


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