Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday?

Joining in on the first What's Up Wednesday link-up with The Larson Lingo, Pinterest Told Me To, and Mix & Match Family!

What we're eating this week:
Monday's dinner cooked in the crockpot allllllll day (YUM!). I didn't necessarily follow a strict recipe; I just threw in a roast with carrots, potatoes, onions, chicken broth, ranch seasoning, and italian seasoning. Seriously, it was so yummy. Last night's dinner was a new recipe for us and was SO GOOD. Honestly, you need to make these Quinoa Black Bean Tacos right. this. second. I don't usually plan very far ahead for dinners, so who knows what's up for the rest of the week. :)

What I'm reminiscing about:
Family vacays. Maybe because summer is coming, maybe because Eric has longer (and weirder) hours with his new job. But I love spending time with our little family and look back fondly on all of our getaways no matter how big or small or long or short.

Disney vacay! 

What I'm loving:
I am LOVING all of the new things that Wells is learning. He is 10.5 months old and seriously seems to be learning new things every single day. He has recently added brushing his hair (what little he has, that is) to his ever-growing bag of tricks.

What we've been up to:
April flew by! We visited family in North Carolina for Easter, attended a beautiful wedding, and went to a small town local parade (a yearly tradition for my family). I cannot believe it will be May in 2 days.

Having fun at the NC Zoo. 

What I'm dreading:
Shopping for a bathing suit. I feel simultaneously good and bad going into the season body-wise. Breastfeeding has been my friend - I am about 15-20 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight, which is great! But my new mommy body, though smaller, is more flabby and less toned for sure. I love picking out bathing suits but trying them on is no fun with all that florescent lighting and three-way mirrors - seriously, can we stop with that already??

What I'm working on:
I have been slaving away at making a certain little guy's birthday invitations. I would like to say I am in the home stretch, but that would be a lie. Ha!

What I'm excited about:
Planning Wells' birthday celebration. It is going to be a Fiesta-themed 1st birthday party! Shout out to the Mexican side of my family :)

What I'm watching/reading:
Gosh, I feel like I have really dropped the ball when it comes to reading. I LOVE to read but I am so bad at picking out books. Any recommendations? My interests are kind of widespread - I love chick lit (ie: anything by Sophie Kinsella), biographies, parenting books, etc. And does anyone have a devotional book that they really love? I am on the hunt for a new one. As far as watching TV goes, we have a few shows that we watch (or at least catch up on episodes online): The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and basically the Wednesday night line-up on ABC. Apparently, Wednesday nights have got it going on!

Beverly Goldberg! Love her!

What I'm listening to:
I am a big Pandora listener. My top stations: Whitney Houston, Boyce Avenue, and Disney (don't hate).

What I'm wearing:
As I said above, I have lost quite a few pounds over the past number of months...which means that none of my pants really fit anyomore. I think I'd be more excited if I had money just sitting around waiting to be spent on a new wardrobe. But sadly, that is not the case! I have purchased (or received as birthday gifts) a few new bottoms that fit and that I love...these shorts and these pants from Banana Republic and these pants & jeans from Belk.

What I'm doing this weekend:
On Saturday I will be getting my little sister ready for her school's Spring Formal. I'll be doing her hair & makeup and taking pictures of her and her date. No way is my sister old enough to be going to a dance. Tears may be shed.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Summer break! Woo hoo! I am a communications assistant at a private school, and school lets out on May 22nd. Also, our neighborhood pool opens in May! I am really excited to take Wells on regular trips to the pool. While I am still on the lookout for a new bathing suit, Wells somehow already has 3 or 4 swim trunks. What in the world?

What else is new:
We have a huge unfinished room in the bottom level of our house, and we are {hopefully} going to start getting underway on remodeling soon. I have already started a Pinterest board (obvs) - and we are thinking that we will be able to transform the space into another bedroom, bathroom, great room, and storage room. Lots (and lots and lots) of work ahead, but I am so pumped!


  1. Amen to banning the stark lighting and huge mirrors while bathing suit shopping!!

  2. Bathing suit shopping post kids is definitely not for the faint of heart!! I found a one-piece at Nordstrom last year that I love thank God! Book recommendations - Melanie Shankle's books - they're all great! Oh & for a devotional, check out She Reads Truth online. SO good!

    1. I will definitely check out the devo and the book recommendations. Thanks so much!


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