Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's in a Name?

Doing my first ever link-up today! Joining Andrea at Momfessionals for "What's in a Name?"

I have always always always been obsessed with baby names. Like most little girls, I had a lineup of name choices for my future child when I was still a child myself! I thought probably way too hard about naming the sack of flour child that we had to care for in HomeEc - shout out to little Molly :) 

So, fast-forward from flour-baby Molly in 9th grade to real life baby on the way 10 years later! Once we found out that the little bambino was a boy, Eric and I immediately had a name ready: Wells Benjamin.   

I had first heard the name Wells about a year or so before I got pregnant.. While channel-surfing, I stopped on a show called Pregnant in Heels starring maternity clothing designer Rosie Pope. Her son's name is Wellington which is so stinkin' cute for a little British boy. But what really caught my attention was her nickname for him: Wells. I tucked that name away in my brain and never forgot it. When I found out we were expecting, that name popped into my mind. I shared it with Eric who really like it as well. We like names that are unique and original (without being cray-cray), and I think we chose well on that front since we don't know any other babies named Wells. I also have a thing for last names as first names, apparently, as almost all of my top choices for baby names are last names. We do sometimes have issues at the pharmacy - "yes, that's Wells Hankin...Hankin comma Wells," but it's all good :) We chose Benjamin as the middle name because that is Eric's middle name. I love that he is named after his daddy.

We kept Wells' first name a secret until he was born (Wells' birth story here). I think that we will continue to do that with future babies, too. Of course we have to let the initials out of the bag for monogramming purposes, though! :)

We love our little Wells Benjamin and cannot imagine him with another name!

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