Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owning It!

Linking up for "Own It" via The New Mrs - basically you "own" your quirks, craziness, what-have-you :)

This should be fun! Anyway, here's what I'm "owning:"

Things I've always "owned"...

1. I hate hate hate birds. They freak me out big time and always have. I literally almost cried the other day while Eric and I were strolling Wells around a local pond. There were geese in the water that looked like they were coming our way up onto the shore...I just about lost it and made Eric get on the side closest to them. At the zoo, I cannot handle bird shows, and I most definitely do not do those "feed the birds" exhibits. Honestly, my heart is palpitating right now just thinking about it. Whew, next topic.

2. I have crazy, thick, huge hair. Like, I would have been the coolest girl around if I had grown up in the 80s. I get it from my mom (who did in fact grow up in the 80s and rocked that ginormous hair) and it is straight up out of control. Let's just say, heat is my friend - I have a heavy duty straightening iron and curling wand. If my hair is smoking, the job is getting done :) Ha!

I present to you this gem from about 6 years ago. Just a glimpse into how big my hair can get. And this is it with product. You do NOT want to see it without. Trust.

3. I cannot stand food/drink noises. I HATE smacking...the Lord's way of growing me in this area was apparently having me marry a noisy eater. I have to remind Eric at least once a week to not smack - it honestly has gotten so much better in the almost 8 years we've been together. I really do have to control myself, though, when it comes to listening to people eat and drink - no joke, if I am around a noisy eater/drinker, I have to tune it out or I will go insane.

The ONLY person who gets away with food-smacking in this house!

4. I LOVE politics. I listen to talk radio everyday in the car. I am a news-reader and watcher. My husband and I are both very politically-minded people. I am thinking of helping out locally when it comes to the campaign of my favorite 2016 presidential candidate. I get excited just thinking about it! #nerdalert

Things that I am "owning" lately:

1. I have turned into quite the late night snacker. Bowl of cereal? Scoop of ice cream? Bag of chips? Don't mind if I do!

2. I am a laundry failure. I pride myself in being domestic. However, laundry has always been the chore I hate the most, and lately I have been sooooooo bad at getting it done. Maybe it's the extra loads that come with having a baby in the house, maybe it's the busyness of having a baby in the house, or probably a combo of both. But man, we had a shamefully large pile of clothes to wash this weekend. I am happy to report that they are all washed and clean...but I have yet to fold and put mine away. Again, laundry.failure.


3. If Eric is not home, I have to fall asleep to a movie or show. Eric's new job puts him getting home late some nights of the week. I am a HUGE chicken, so, being the only adult in the house when going to sleep is a big scary deal to me. I have to fall asleep with something on the TV (well, laptop - we don't have a TV in our room).  

And there you have it!.

So what are your quirks & crazies??? Join in on the link-up and OWN IT!


  1. I'm the worst with late night snacks. I really shouldn't but a glass of wine, a bag of chips, and my fave TV show is almost a nightly routine.

  2. I am SUCH a chicken being home alone! If my husband is out of town, I usually just go over to my parents’ house. I have to have the tv and a light on if it’s just me! So fun learning a little more about you!

    1. I used to sleep at my parents, too! But now it happens more regularly, so I just suck it up! Loved the link-up!


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