Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's In Wells' Easter Basket?

If you're wondering what exactly to put in your baby's Easter Basket (like I was), check out the items I put in Wells' (9 months old) very first Easter basket.

1. An Easter Carol: This is Wells' first Veggie Tales movie! I was a huge Veggie Tales fan as a kid and hope that Wells will grow to love them too. 

2. The First Easter: I wanted to include an Easter-themed book. This adorable board book tells such a cute story about the First Easter (a little lamb visits the empty tomb). It is so sweet! 

3. Yogurt Melts: My boy loves to eat. And what Easter basket is complete without something edible? He had not tried yogurt melts yet, so these were perfect. The verdict is in: Wells is a big fan of the melts - surprise, surprise :)

4. Bubbles: We recently introduced Wells to bubbles, and he loves them. So, I thought that would be a good item to put in his basket. When I saw these carrot-shaped ones at the dollar store, I knew they would be perfect. 

5. Frog Wash Mitt: Wells is a big fan of bath time. I thought this frog wash mitt was so cute, and kind of Spring-ish, right? I thought it was cute for the basket.

I really feel like I set a pretty good precedent for how the Easter Basket situation will go down in the Hankin household from here on out. This being our first Easter with a baby, I've been pumped about the basket for way longer than should be deemed normal. But I am so proud to report that I did not go overboard. As I said, I think that Wells' basket will be the standard for all future baskets for him and subsequent Hankin kiddos. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Budget was kept! Well, to be honest, I actually did not have a set budget, but I really kept the costs to a minimum. Eric and I are pretty conservative with our money - even in gift giving. We like to spend money on experiences more than material presents. We like to gift each other with short weekend getaways or tickets to a concert, etc. for birthdays/anniversaries/Christmas. I really like that about our relationship and hope that we will continue to carry that into our growing family. We do give gifts, but we don't go overboard. 
  • It was just enough! Though the items Wells got in his basket were not ones that he necessarily needed, but they are items that will definitely get their use! I don't like to buy items that I know are going to get played with for 2.5 seconds and be lost or broken or forgotten. For example, Wells has quite a few small stuffed animals. As much as I wanted him to have an adorable bunny in his basket, he just didn't need another stuffed animal. I wasn't willing to spend money on something that would get lost among the other stuffed toys - especially since he just isn't those types of toys yet.
  • The true meaning of Easter was represented (the book and DVD). I want Wells (and our future children) to see past the chocolate and egg dyeing and baskets and understand the real meaning of Easter. I know that some Christians choose to forego all commercial Easter activities (egg hunts, Easter Bunny visits, Easter baskets, etc.), and I can understand where they are coming from. I am totally fine with my children participating in these activities as long as they know the real reason they are celebrating. Again, that kind of ties into why I am glad that we won't be getting all extravagant with our kids' baskets...I don't want them more excited about getting "stuff" than about Jesus being risen from the dead!
Wells' first Easter basket was a success in my book, and I look forward to all the years of baskets to come!

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