Monday, April 25, 2016


Linking up with Biana for a little weekend recap.

Eric was off on Friday, and we spent it trying to get the house ready for photographs since we are putting it on the market! So exciting, but so stressful! With two littles, it has proven to be a lot more work than we thought to get it photo-ready. We are nearing the finish line, though! Other than getting things tidied up, it was a pretty low-key day at home. Which was perfect before our busy Saturday!

On Saturday, we made an impromptu trip with my parents to my sister and nephew's school for their annual fun day. Wells got to play games and jump and slide in a bouncy house (which he is obsessed with after a recent trip to an indoor bouncy house place). Daddy had to get in with him since he couldn't quite climb up to the slide by himself. Eric is actually just a big kid at heart, so he didn't mind at all :) Grandma bought the boys some new books at the school's Book Fair, and I was so especially excited to add this one to our collection. We have the Nighttime, Easter, and Fall ones, and I always love getting a new one for each holiday.

After the school festivities, we headed to Oatland Island for a friend's 1st birthday. I took a Benadryl on the way in preparation for the petting zoo! Ha! Wells LOVED petting the bunny and looking at all of the animals.

We left for home after the party and Wells got in a quick 45-minute nap before we left to go to a friend's house for dinner. Eric played disc golf outside with the guys while the girls (and baby Grayer of course) stayed inside chatting. Wells spent most of his time playing with our friends' kids' train table. We are now positive that we have to get him one for his birthday. He LOVED it and was entertained all night. Poor Grayer was not feeling well the whole night. He had a major colic flare-up. I hate seeing little buddy feeling so yucky, and we are hoping that the end of colic is near.

On Sunday, Eric surprised me by making breakfast before the boys got up. And we got to eat at the table with just us! ...Well for most of it. Grayer was ready to be held toward the end of the meal :) We spent the morning at church and then headed to my Granny's house to eat dinner with family. After that, we came home where I tackled some laundry while the boys napped. Eric spent the afternoon doing paint touch-ups on the house. Wells, Grayer, and I went to my parents' church that night because our small group was cancelled for the night. Eric stayed behind to continue painting. We got home and spent some family time together before putting the babies to bed.

All in all, it was a pretty packed weekend. Hopefully this will be the week that we can finish getting the house ready. My mom's birthday is also this week, and Saturday is our city's annual Stand Up For America Day parade and festival. So, we are looking forward to some fun stuff this week, but I hope a little rest is in order, too! ...I won't hold my breath, though!!


  1. The school fun day sounds like a really great time!


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