Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Out of the Mouth of Wells

So, I am starting a new little installment called Out of the Mouth of Wells (once Grayer can talk, I'll change the name!). I always love when people post the funny things their kiddos say, and even though Wells can't have lengthy conversations with us (oh trust me, he's working on it. Chatty Kathy that kid is!), he does say some funny things that I want to look back on one day and remember. The list will get longer as he starts talking even more, and these aren't really that funny (well, they are to us!) but here are some little things that he says right now that I love...

- Apparently when I am making a decision with Wells (like what to have for snack, etc.), I say "Hmmmm....let's see." I didn't even realize that I did that until Wells started saying "Hmmmm...seeeee" all the time. He says it at the right times, too, and it is adorable.

- "Cheet dat" ...we have NO CLUE what this means but Wells says it multiple times a day. It's one of those things that is finally going to click, and we'll be like Ohhhhh that's what he meant. But right now we are at a total loss!

- "Oh no" ...this is by and large his favorite phrase right now. And he says it with such feeling! The other day he was watching The Ugly Duckling, and when the duck was sad, he said it so sympathetically.

- His new talent is imitating snoring. Eric's dad fell asleep when they came to visit, and Wells heard him snoring. Now when we ask him, "What does Papa say?," he responds with a snore and a sigh :)

- For the longest time, Wells would not say "Mom." If you asked him where I was or to go give something to me, he would. He just never called my name. No clue why. When he did say "ma, ma," he was really saying "more, more," as in he wanted more food. Classic Wells. But a couple of months ago, my mom figured out that Wells did have a name for me. One day I was running errands with my mom and the boys and when I got out of the car, Wells yelled after me. He did it a couple times throughout the day, and we discovered that he was calling me "Nah." What in the world? He continues to call me that, and I have no clue when he will switch over to "Mom." Crazy kid.

- Counting. Wells loves numbers. He can count to ten (with little prompting). If he picks up two of something (pacis, blankets, whatever), he will almost always say "twooooo." He used to automatically say "two" if you asked him how many of something he had. But now if you ask, he will start counting out loud and throw out a random number.

- When we say our blessing at meal time, Wells folds his hand and says "Dear Lord" followed by some jabbering and will then repeat "Amen" after an adult says it. I love it.

I can't wait for his vocabulary to expand even more. I know some funny phrases and conversations are ahead (especially when Grayer starts talking and they have their own little talks!). Wells had a string of ear infections earlier this year, so I really think that his hearing was a little off for a while because sometimes his words weren't that enunciated. He has always had a huge vocabulary but the last few months, his new words weren't always recognizable. I think we are in the clear now, though, and I can tell that he is really starting to speak a lot more clearly. In the last few weeks, he has started to talk all of the time. The other day I had to tell him to stop talking and go to sleep while we were riding in the car during nap time. Haha!

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