Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wells is ELEVEN Months!

There is no way in this world that the next monthly update I do will be for a ONE YEAR OLD. Wells, please let this last month of your first year go by sloooooooowly. Better yet, could you just stay my little baby for maybe, well, forever? Sigh...

Well, this was hands-down the toughest monthly photo shoot we've done. This kid would not be still! Climbing up the chair, turning around, grabbing the curtains, you name it! Here's the best I could do! Haha.

Weighs: We haven't been to the doctor this month (HALLELUJAH! No more ear infections!!), so I am not sure. If I had to make a guess, I'd say about 23 lbs.

Sleeps: I wish I could say that this month  has brought about full nights of sleep...but that would be a big fat lie. Wells still wakes up at least once a night (but usually twice). In fact, if he wakes up only once, I consider it a good night. Quite a few times this month, he has woken up and been ready to party. Like, talking and smiling and 3 or 4am. Excuse me, child? Please.Just.No.

Eats: Yeah, not slowing down on the eating front. This child can put a hurtin' on some food. He chows down at meal time. Let me sum it up with this: The other day we had to order an extra pack of nuggets for him at Chic-fil-a. Yes, you read that right. He has reached the point that he eats so much of mine or Eric's meals at restaurants that we usually have to get something extra for him. I am starting to be able to tell what his real favorites are now when it comes to food. He really likes yogurt. And boy LOVES meat...he is his father's child.

Wears: Wells wears anywhere from 9mo to 18mo clothes. He is still in a size 3 diaper, but I think we'll be moving into a 4 soon.

Plays: With each passing month, he gets more and more fun when it comes to playing. He is such a busy body! He is pulling up on everything and crawling all over the place. He has started going into the church nursery this month because he can't sit still (and stay quiet!) for that long anymore. He likes to throw a ball. He LOVES the pool! We have been a couple of times since our neighborhood pool opened, and he goes all over in his little whale float. He now points at everything! It is something that he just started doing about a week or so ago, and it is too cute!

Milestones: Wells has done so many new things this month that I think I need to use bullet points! :)

  • In one month, Wells has gotten SIX new teeth! At his 10-month update, he had only his 2 bottom teeth. Now he has 8! Insane.
  • Crawling!!!!! Finally! I was convinced that Wells would skip crawling and go straight to walking, but he surprised me a few weeks ago, He started off slow and only really moving when he wanted something far away. Now he crawls lightning fast and all over the place!
  • He is now a high five-ing machine! 
  • Not really a milestone, but he does the funniest and cutest thing at church now. Eric usually raises his hand during worship, and Wells does the same when Eric holds him while we are singing. It is so stinking funny. 
  • He is observing soooooo much! He put my keys up to the doorknob the other day as if to unlock it. He held his cup up to the refrigerator like he was getting an ice and water refill like he sees me do. And he now puts my debit card up to the card reader machine when we are checking out at the store. 

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