Monday, May 4, 2015


Linking up with Biana and Meghan!

Eric and I were both home pretty early Friday afternoon. After Wells' nap, we decided to head to the new outlets that just opened up two weeks ago near our house (like, 2 exits from our house close. can you say dan.ger.ous?). This was our 3rd trip since they've been open, but the deals, y'all! They are so good. I got these shorts from Banana Republic for like $12. Don't mind if I do.

And I also got a bathing suit for this summer. I hopped on the high-waisted bikini bandwagon. I decided to try one on just on a whim, and I was a fan! Excited to wear it soon!

Our neighborhood HOA hosted a cookout for the opening of the pool on Saturday. We spent a little while down at the clubhouse, mostly eating free food :) Wells enjoyed a couple of bites of Eric's snowcone. We didn't get in the pool Saturday but I know we will be frequenting it a lot this summer! I spent Saturday afternoon & evening getting my sister ready for her high school's Spring Formal. I did her makeup and took pictures of her and her date. She looked so beautiful and so grown up. Tear.

We had a pretty typical Sunday: church in the morning, out to eat with my parents for lunch, down time at home during the afternoon, and then small group at night.


Another weekend down...only 2 more weekends of the school year left!! Woohoo! So ready for a relaxed summer work schedule and more time at home with my sweet boy. Bring. it. on.


  1. Visiting from the link up! I love those shorts! I've been on the look out for a nice pair of light coloured shorts for the summer.

    1. Thanks! BR has had some awesome sales on their shorts recently! Snatch 'em up while they're cheap :)

  2. SO jealous you have outlets that close to you! The nearest ones near me are about an hour away:(

    1. It's very quickly becoming a bad thing! :)

  3. $12! That's a steal, and they're so cute!

  4. love the shorts and you look so cute with your sis!! thanks for stopping by my blog!! xoxo


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