Thursday, December 8, 2016

Grayer is TEN Months!

Ten. Count 'em, TEN months! My goodness, only two more monthly updates and we'll have a one year old on our hands. How did that happen? On a positive note, I finally got a real smile during a monthly photo shoot! #allthepraisehandemojis ...And then he was over it and crawled away.

Weighs: Grayer had an ear infection this past month, so we had to go in to the doctor's office. I can't remember what his exact weight was but I know he's over the 20lb mark.

Sleeps: This kid. He has yet to sleep all the way through the night. Granted, he was sick a couple of weeks this month with a cold/ear infection, but even when he is well, he still wakes up at least twice every night. I don't want to even talk about it. Let's just say, he is lucky he's so cute.

Eats: This boy does not stop eating. Like ever. He wants to nurse, eat a snack, eat a meal, or eat someone else's snack/meal ALL DAY LONG. If he sees that you are eating, he will crawl across the room to you. And you better share.

Wears: Twelve month clothes are probably the best fit right now. A size 3 diaper still fits, but when we have to buy the next box of diapers, we will probably go ahead and bump up to a size 4. He doesn't wear shoes very often, but when he does, he wears a size 3.

Plays: Grayer's favorite toy this month is any kind of cabinet. Haha! He is always in the kitchen trying to get into the cabinets. He and Wells will sit and pull out all of the tupperware while I am cooking. He loves to pull down all of Wells' train tracks off of the coffee table. And it drives Wells nuts. He loves Wells to death. He is still a big fan of the bath and is quite the splasher lately. He loves standing up, so he likes to stand at Wells' play kitchen and workbench. He pulls up on absolutely everything. He likes to babble and yell. He loves when I sing pat-a-cake and do the hand motions with him. He likes to clap, too, and will do it on command when you say "Yaaaaaay!" Grayer has the shortest attention span ever. He wants to constantly be played with or be crawling to the next adventure. He does not play with a single toy for very long before he loses interest. Keeping him entertained is an all-day, full-time task.

Milestones: He is cutting his fourth bottom tooth, and I am pretty positive that I see some little buds (still under his gums) on the top. So, I expect his two front teeth will be coming in this month. Still no words from this boy, but if I had to predict what it will be, I'd say it will be "hi." We are working on waving when someone says hi. He is waving (not every time, though) and he kind of makes a noise, but not definitively "hi" yet :)

Grayer is a ham. He loves people to laugh at him and will copy laughter, too, at times. I basically live in a house full of class clowns :) He is still a mama's boy to the core. He loves playing with his daddy and brother, though, and sometimes they forget that he isn't big enough to wrestle with the same intensity that they do. Ha! We love this sweet boy and are thankful for ten wonderful months with our Grayer-Bear.


  1. Oh my gosh. He is getting so big and getting into everything. He is most definitely coming into that toddler stage.

    1. I know! I'm not ready for him to be walking and get into even more trouble! :)


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