Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednedsay

Thought I would join the WHW post (with Jessi and Jenn) this week!

There is literally so. much. happening. in our life right now! I will probably write a more in-depth post later on basically the ups and seemingly never-ending downs of this past year, but for right now, I will keep it brief! With company-wide layoffs at Eric's employer back in November, a month before Christmas and two months before we were due with baby #2 (!!!), the end of 2015 was rough. And although God provided Eric with another job in the same field a month later, it was contracting work and ended a few months later. Since then, God has been faithful to give Eric a job opportunity with a great friend of his while we waited on another job in his industry (aviation upholstery/installation) to open up. Well, praise the Lord, Eric starts his new aerospace job in less than a week! In the midst of all the crazy job stuff, we decided to list our house in the beginning of the summer in an effort to use the equity to pay off our ANNOYING student loans!

Anyway, as of a week ago, our house is under contract!! However, the buyers want to close in ONE MONTH! Huhhh? I have to pack an entire house with a six-month old and 2-year-old in thirty days? Yes, yes I do. #someoneholdme

Meanwhile, we don't have a new house picked out! We are looking at a very good prospect this afternoon, and hopefully all will work out for us to move in about a week or two after our house sells. Hello storage unit and two-week stay with Grandma and Grandpa! Ha!

I really am so pumped about all these new happenings! But man am I already exhausted! I am truly thankful for God always taking care of us even when we can't understand why certain things happen. I am happy for some new beginnings :)

Other happenings lately that aren't as heavy as the aforementioned saga:

Wells has this little diner that we brought back up from storage (had to stow it during all the house showings). He is loving it lately, and he always wants to "koook." Grayer is sitting up now, and I lose it whenever I see these two in the booth.

I mean...

It is HOT up in here (here meaning Savannah, GA - also known as the 7th circle of hell as far as temps go). Heat indices of like 110? Thanks, but you can go. I am ready for FALL. And by that, I basically mean #givemeallthepeeptoebooties . Like these ones that are super on sale.

Speaking of it being summer, why do the boys and I all have colds? Boooo. Wells' has turned into an ear infection, and poor Grayer has a yucky cough. While Eric was at the store, I asked him to pick up some Johnson's Vapor Bath. Planning to use it in their baths tonight and hopefully clear their little noses...although I may just steam up the separate shower with some in it instead of putting it in Wells' bath water since he has eczema. Don't want a rash on top of being sick! Has anyone used it and liked it? Let me know!

I am getting really excited about giving the boys a playroom when we move. We plan to make a combo guest/playroom space, using this bed. So, it will usually be set up as a daybed/couch, but when we have family & friends staying over, we will use it as a double bed. I am stoked about decorating in the new house, especially the playroom, as it will be a first for me! Right now all the toys are in their rooms and our living room. Ready to get them all mostly corralled into one area!

Well, that's what's happening around these parts! Lots of fun stuff to come in the next few busy weeks!

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  1. Whew y'all do have a lot going on but God is definitely good! Thanks for linking up today! Xo


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