Thursday, August 4, 2016

Grayer is SIX Months!

How is Hankin Baby #2 already half a year old???? Seriously, how did that happen? Time is flying these days, and I'm gonna need it to just stop already. True to form thus far in our monthly update picture-taking sessions, Grayer refuses to smile. What a stinker.

Here's what Grayer has been up to...

Weighs: His official 6-month appointment isn't until next week, but we had to go to the doctor the other day, and he was 16lbs and 10oz or so, I think...I know he's almost to 17lbs.

Sleeps: This was not the greatest month on the sleeping front. A couple of weeks ago, Grayer was all of a sudden getting up a LOT at night. It has subsided a little, but he almost always gets up 2-3 times at night to eat. He has started to make it known that he does not like the idea of having to go to sleep! At nap time and bed time, he will put up a HUGE fight to try to stay awake. I have to wrangle him! Sometimes after the struggle, I will just lay him in his crib and let him try to get to sleep on his own. Sometimes that works great, and other times, not so much :) I am definitely working on getting him to soothe himself to sleep more often that not so that he doesn't have the sleep associations (ie: always nursing to sleep) the way that Wells did until he was almost a year old.

Eats: Grayer is still nursing well and is eating table or baby food twice a day. Strangely enough, he is not a huge fan of bananas. I've given him mashed bananas and the jarred kind, and he makes the worst faces! If I mix bananas in with something else in the homemade food I make him, he doesn't seem to mind. But on its own? No thanks. He has started eating Puffs this month and really seems to like them. He is a NOISY eater, and I think it's that he gets bored. He likes his food to have some substance, so I will probably start making his food a little chunkier so that he can work a little instead of just swallowing and grunting/growling/screaming while waiting for the next bite :) Just like his daddy and brother, Grayer always thinks he is hungry. Alllllwaaaaaays.

Wears: Grayer can still squeeze into some 3-6 month clothes (like onesies) but is mostly wearing 6-month and 6-9 month clothes. He is now in a size 3 diaper.

Plays: Grayer started sitting up on his own this month! He can sit and play with his toys now which is exciting. I think he will really start playing on his own and being entertained for a little longer in this next month (fingers crossed! lol). He has toy preferences now. He knows what he wants, and if you give him the wrong thing, he will let you know that he isn't pleased! He is scooting around a little bit in the walker (as long as it's on the floor - it won't budge at all on the carpet) and likes to play with the toys on the tray. He still likes his bouncer and swing. He puts literally everything in his mouth right now, which is not going to be fun since we are going to have to hide Wells' small toys once Grayer is mobile and can get his hands on them. Just like I reported last month, he still loves being outside, taking baths, and watching Wells do pretty much anything. He is super ticklish under his arms and laughs so hard if you tickle him there! He does not appear to have any interest in crawling just yet. He is generally pretty happy but is 100% an attention-seeker. He can be perfectly happy one second and then realize that you walked away and are no longer playing with him and then lose his mind! :)

Milestones: Tooth #2 peeked through shortly after the last monthly update! Those two little teeth are so cute! Another milestone: we attached the little sippy cup training handles on one of Grayer's bottles to get him practicing holding a sippy cup. He does pretty well - as long is the cup is pretty full and he isn't sucking in a lot of air if it isn't tilted back. Maybe we will introduce a sippy cup this month.

Grayer is growing like a weed and is learning new stuff every day! I can't believe we are already halfway to his first birthday, but it is so fun to watch him grow and develop into his own little person. We love you, Grayer!

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