Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites...and it's special because this is my first post since this handsome fella was born last week!!!

Introducing Grayer William, our sweet as pie second baby boy. I will be posting his birth story soon, so stay tuned!

So, on to some favorites this Friday,,,and be warned, all will be baby/family related since this has been our first week as a family of four :)

Favorite #1:

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Seeing big brother Wells adjust to life with a little bro. Being only 19 months old, Wells can't really wrap his head around having a new baby brother and what that means. But y'all, he has done SO WELL. He is a big time mama's boy, so I was a little worried that he would have a tough time. However, he has been so great this entire week. Love this big brother!!!

Favorite #2:

Coffee :) Having to get reacquainted with waking up multiple times with a newborn at night calls for coffee. Grayer actually is not too bad at the night wake-ups. I lay him down for the night in his bassinet around 10:00 or so. He usually wakes up around 1-1:30ish for a feed and diaper change. And then we do it again around 5:00. And then Wells is usually ready to get up somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00, and Grayer slowly wakes up as well.

Favorite #3:

Being a "seasoned" mom. Not to say that I have it all together by any means (and actually, it's funny how much you can forget about newborn-ness in only 19 short months), but it feels good to be more prepared, if that's even the word, this time around. It is a big change to go from one baby to two when you are at home alone during the day. But, I don't feel overwhelmed (most of the time. Ha!). I just feel more of like an "I've got this" mentality. For instance, I took a shower this morning while both boys were within eyesight in the hallway (Wells watching something on the laptop and Grayer in his swing). No joke- I don't think I took a shower when home alone with Wells until he was like six months old. #iwasthatcrazyfirsttimemom

Favorite #4:

Coconut oil. When I was breastfeeding Wells, I used lanolin and also a prescription cream to ease the soreness. However, a couple of weeks ago, I came across an article saying that coconut oil can be used. We always have coconut oil on hand (don't worry, separate jars to cook with and separate for personal use like moisturizing and face cleansing! haha!). I am liking using the coconut oil this time around as it is natural and also it's not another expense since we have it around the house anyway.

Favorite #5:

Being a family of four. I just feel overwhelmingly blessed with the life God has blessed me with. My husband is the perfect father to our sweet boys. And I truly can't wait to watch Wells and Grayer grow up to be playmates and best friends. Cue the mama hormones and tears. 

Excited to see the other Friday Favorite posts!

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