Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Momfessionals

I am linking up with Andrea for today's Show & Tell Tuesday's Momfessionals. I loved doing this post last year, and it is too funny reading all of the other mom confessions out there. Lots of laughs and facepalms :)

Here are my current momfessionals:

1. Wells stands up for the majority of his bath. Is it the safest habit ever for a 19-month-old? No. Does bathtime go much smoother and happier? Yes. I really am trying to get him to sit more, but he loves standing and playing with his toys (two of which mount on the tub wall, hence the standing) while he is in there. I am always right next to him so it really isn't that unsafe...

2. I hate hate hate the smell of Play-Doh. Eric let Wells play with some for the first time a while back, and I could not participate in the fun. He is getting close to the age where he would probably do pretty well playing with it, but we are going to have to find or make an alternative kind. Seriously, I am getting queasy just thinking about it. Next topic.

3. I am due with baby boy #2 in less than two weeks (!), and I still do not have my hospital bag or Wells' overnight bag packed. I do have the baby's stuff packed...okay, well not actually in a bag yet, but it is in a pile on his rocking chair :)

4. Wells has been drinking out of a sippy cup for a long time now (usually water or juice), but he was still getting a morning and night bottle of milk up until about a month or so ago. But he is just not a huge fan of it in a cup. So I maaaaaaay add some strawberry syrup in it to make sure he drinks it. I plan on decreasing the amount until we're down to none, but hey, it is what it is.

5. I sometimes have to look away when disciplining Wells because I can't help but laugh. He is so stinking dramatic (no clue where he gets it) that it can be downright hilarious when he doesn't get his way. I am careful to turn away, though, so he doesn't see me crack!

6.  Wells has always been a great eater. He loves healthy stuff, and it is not a struggle to get him to eat meals. But boy loves junk food, too. He is a potato chip fanatic. I have to cut him off when eating them because I literally think he could eat an entire bag...and not the snack size bag if you know what I mean! He also gets all kinds of excited when he sees pizza. A true boy.

7. It is like a WWE smackdown (is that the right term...I don't watch wrestling. Ha!) in our house every night. Being such a girly girl and raised with only sisters, boy stuff is all new to me. I have had to learn that boys will be boys (and men also will be boys, amiright?). Eric will launch pillows across the room to knock Wells' feet out from under him...and the crazy child LOVES it. I feel like I should mention that he does this in the living room, where it is carpeted. There is constant wrestling, slinging, and all other crazy activities...and I've gotten (mostly) used to it and allow it to continue. Hey, I don't want my boys being wimps.

8. Wells is 19 months old and I JUST (as in, last week) bought and hung pictures and canvases of his newborn portraits and family pictures in our house. There are probably almost a million pictures of Wells on our phones, computers, etc., but I am the absolute worst at getting them printed. I think we literally had like 2 framed pictures of him in the entire house (and one was an ultrasound!). Part of my motivation is that I hope that this will get me to get baby #2's pictures up sooner by feeling guilty that pictures of Wells are around...yeah, even I doubt this will work.

*I could probably think of 2 more things to add to this list to make it to a nice even number 10...but I have a doctor's appointment in 20 minutes (pray for some dilation, people!). I still have to wake Wells up and get him clothed for the outside and get him down to the car, make sure I've got snacks and something to keep him entertained, and also somehow get my 38 week pregnant self out of this chair...yeah, we are going to be late.

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  1. :) The bag packing will come along... it has too! Congrats on being so close to meeting your second one! Who doesn't get excited when they see pizza?! I know I do! Great confessions! Hope your doctors appointment went well.

  2. These momfessionals are great, especially number 7. Sounds like so much fun. I am also going to have to try the strawberry syrup in a "big kid" sippy cup with my daughter. Fantastic idea. And congratulations on your soon to be new addition. So exciting!

  3. I laugh all the time when I am trying to discipline my daughter, she is just so cute and funny!!


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