Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grayer is FOUR Months!

So, I think that this month has been the shortest since little man has been born. Seriously, it flew by! Now our sweet Grayer is four months old - that just sounds so big! Here's how things are going for our second baby boy:

Weighs: At his 4-month appointment Grayer weighed 15 lbs and 2 oz and was a little over 25" long. He definitely has got some serious chunk going on!
Sleeps: Grayer is still doing well in his crib at night. I was fearing that he may go through the dreaded 4-month sleep regression that many babies experience (Wells was one of them). So far, nothing. Praise the Lord! And let's hope he avoids it altogether. He usually sleeps a good 5 hour stretch after going down for bed and will then wake up about 3 hours later to eat again. Then he's back to sleep for another hour or two before waking for the day. His napping has gotten more routine this month. He takes a morning nap about an hour or two after waking up in the morning. He takes a long early/mid afternoon nap, and then he usually takes a short cat nap sometime around dinner. I used to hate that and think it would affect his night sleeping, but it hasn't so far and he seems to need it.
Eats: I think he has started eating more this month (nursing). He gets a little bit of cereal at night, usually with a fruit or veggie. Like we did with Wells, we started Grayer on food about two weeks before he turned 4 months old (the pediatrician gave us the go-ahead with Wells, and we decided to do the same this time around as well). So far he has had bananas, peas, peaches, and apples. I have been making his food and loving it just like I enjoyed doing for Wells.
Wears: He can still (barely) fit in his 3-month clothes. He is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes and is starting to wear some 6-month outfits now. He is still in a size 2 diaper.
Plays: Grayer is so fun right now! He is such a smiley baby. If you talk to him or smile at him, he will almost always give you a smile. And he laughs quite a bit now, too, which is just adorable. He is starting to grab some toys and his blanket/burp cloth/whatever is near him. I tried him in the doorway jumper the other day and he seemed to like it. He didn't really jump, but I think he liked just being up in that position. He loves to stand when you are holding him (and sometimes even jump), so I thought he may enjoy it. I foresee lots of doorway-jumping this month :). He still loves the bath and loves when we go on walks, as well. He is enamored when watching Wells play. Anytime Wells is near, Grayer's eyes are glued on him, and many times he just smiles the sweetest smile. It is the sweetest!

Our boy has a few quirks of his own: he sticks his tongue out all the time and will mimic you if you stick yours out at him; he has an incredible talent of spitting up all over anyone/anything but completely missing himself; and he does the cutest, most dramatic little cough when he cries :) Grayer really has had a good month. We are FINALLY completely out of the colic stage. The last few weeks have been so much better for him (and us, ha!), and we are so thankful that the crying stage is over!!! This new, happier Grayer is a pretty chill guy. He is very go-with-the flow and just likes to take it all in. He still loves being held, especially by me, but I can't complain about it! Love those sweet snuggles. Happy 4 months, Grayer-Bear!

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