Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grayer is ONE Month!

Over the weekend, our sweet Grayer turned one month-old! Boy, does time fly - I'd say more so than it did with Wells. But at the same time, it feels like our little baby has been with us all along. Can't imagine our lives without him :)

Please notice Wells trying to steal the airplane in the next picture. That pretty much sums up this whole attempt at a photo shoot.

At the end of our first month, Grayer...
Weighs: 10lb 3oz at his 1-month appointment a couple of days ago. He is not as big as Wells was at this age, and that's because he doesn't eat around the clock like Wells did! He may not be as chunky, but he is strong as an ox! He has already rolled over 4 times. And he can hold his head up for a long time! He seriously was holding himself up in the crawling position the other day. Boy's got strength! And if his current growth is any indicator, he is going to be a tall guy! He was 19" at birth, and then 20" at his 2-week appointment, and now he is 22.5". What?? He grew 2.5 inches in two weeks, y'all!
Sleeps: Grayer is a pretty good nighttime sleeper. He is typically asleep around 10:15 (when we go to sleep) and wakes somewhere in the 1:00 hour. Then he is up again somewhere in the 4:00 hour, usually going back to sleep right around the time Eric gets up for work. And then he is up somewhere in the 7:00 hour to eat again. Sometimes he's up for the day after that feed, but he usually sleeps a little longer afterward (which is what I prefer, as Wells isn't usually up by then and I can get a little more sleep before getting up!)  As far as naps go, he is a pretty good day-sleeper, especially late morning and early-mid afternoon. As we did when Wells was his age, we try to make sure that he gets a fair amount of awake time during about 7-10pm so that he is ready for bed when the time comes.
Eats: I'd say Grayer eats an average amount as a baby his age. He sometimes is more interested in napping than eating during the day, so I think he likes to make up for it later...because it seems like he cluster feeds in the evening. He is exclusively on breast milk, and I am so thankful that nursing has gone so well again with baby #2. I'm not sure how many ounces he's eating because he hasn't gotten a bottle of breast milk yet (although I have already started pumping for when I go back to work part-time in two weeks).
Wears: He can still wear some newborn clothes. Most long-sleeve onesies, pants, and footies in the newborn size don't fit anymore because of his long arms and legs! So, he is transitioning into 0-3 month clothes, and the length of 3-month pants is pretty perfect for him. And he is in a size 1 diaper.
Plays: He is obviously not great at "playing" yet, but he will focus on objects in front of himI have caught him smiling voluntarily a couple of times the last few days. I can't get him to do it at me or on command yet, but it is definitely a real smile and not just gas, :) I "coo" at him so that he will copy me, but he isn't really doing it back yet. I have noticed that he is getting more verbal in the last day or two. I know Wells can't wait for Grayer to be able to "play" because we constantly have to tell him to be gentle with Grayer and not rock his swing or give him juice or feed him pretend or real food! Haha! It's all fun and games until you have to pull a raisin out of the newborn's mouth. #thatreallyhappened #atleastheknowshowtoshare #gladwewereintheroom

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