Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wells is ONE month!

No way is my baby ONE MONTH old! Actually, I guess he isn't - he's almost a whole week past one month! What??? Due to our beach vacation last week, I was a little late taking his one month picture. But nonetheless, here is the sweet little nugget. His one month stats are below!

At the end of our first month, Wells...
Weighs: 10lb 1oz as of two weeks ago, so I am assuming at the very least, 11lbs now. The kid is eating like it's going out of style!
Sleeps: GREAT at night! He nurses to sleep around 10-11pm and will usually sleep for a good 3-4 hour stretch, waking somewhere between 1 & 2am. After that, he pretty much wakes to eat every 2 hours. He is a good sleeper, and I almost never have a problem getting him back to sleep during the night. Eric and I love our sleep, so the Lord has blessed us in this area!!!! :) As far as naps go, he is a pretty good day-sleeper, too - some days more so than others. We do try to make sure that he gets a fair amount of awake time during about 7-10pm so that he is ready for bed when the time comes.
Eats: This child would eat all day if I would let him! He literally came out of the womb nursing (okay, about an hour after he was born :)). Wells usually eats every 2 hours, and if I had to guess, probably eats aroun 3-4 oz at each feeding. He is exclusively on breast milk, and I pray that it will continue to go as well as it has. He has gotten a few bottles of breast milk to get ready for me going back to work.
Wears: Little man (or not-so-little man, I guess) is out of the newborn clothes. Sad. He is officially in 0-3 month clothes, and 3 month clothes. Yeah, he's kind of a porker :) We are still using disposable diapers until we run out of the ones we were blessed with at our showers and will then attempt to switch to cloth. But right now, Wells is in a size 1 diaper.
Plays: Not so much into toys yet, but will focus on some objects that we put in front of him (like his toy mirror, and some animal rattles). He likes to look out the window when riding in the car (until he falls asleep, which he ALWAYS does when in his car seat). He still hasn't cracked that first real smile yet (only the involuntary ones so far) but I think it will be soon. I smile and "coo" at him all the time so that he will copy me, but nothing yet.

I'm sure I will say this every month, but time sure does fly! My little newborn doesn't even look like a newborn anymore! I already miss that stage, but I really am looking forward to all of the fun ahead as he grows and develops more each day.

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  1. He is so precious Steph! :) It seems like just yesterday when Michael was turning 1 mo old. Cherish every precious moment because they grow up sooo fast! I'm so happy for you guys and wish y'all the best.
    ^.^ Love Drew


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